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March 2014

Project number XX

Well, I started with my project. But first I have to show you this video. Fix perfect for my mood.



Well, here I started. Not badly done for someone who is not so good at carpentry and no expert on kitchen renovation. But it certainly looks better than before. It’s talk a lot those days about recycling and reusing things, which appeals to me. I have calculated that to paint the whole kitchen will cost me about 200 swedish croner. Last year, I was fortunate to find several paint cans on a second hand shop for a few crowns. Perfect. I am convinced that these cans were waiting for me. I had paint cleaner at home and I sacrificed one of my paintbrushes. Sandpaper, I had also at home. So just to do it.

Oh, while I was painting I wanted to paint artworks on the doors , dancing people, the moon, the sun, but best to keep it not to artistic and it would cost to much.

I think it will take less then a week to paint the whole kitchen and to put in order as well. Right now it’s a chaos. . If it’s still paint in the cans I might paint the chairs too. The kitchen table, well I hope I find a cheap one on the second hand shop. It do not matter if it’s another colors, I can always fix it. But it’s not priority right now.

When I am finish with the kitchen, the other project is waiting, the bathroom. There it will give me a lot of job and there I shall hire someone to do some parts of it. When I can afford it but I think I can do it during the summer. I count that I got the summer job.

Now I’m going to submit a job application and prepare bills to be paid tomorrow when I get my salary. I am so grateful that I got the job and has work that much. May I never forget to be grateful for what I get.

If it does not rain tomorrow I’m going to finish a bed of vegetables so it is ready when it is time to plant the vegetable seedlings.

Hellebore// Christmas rose and Fuschia


Hellebore// Christmas rose

My Hellebores thrive in their new flowerbed. It has never bloomed so much before. . Each plantar is filled with beautiful flowers.
Before, there was nearly the kitchen entrance.. But they bloomed infrequently so I moved on them for two weeks ago, when the soil was enough warm.


Here are some of my seed. You have to be stubborn to do this each early spring. Take them out during day and then take them in at night. As long it’s frozen nights I have to do this. Even when I am back from work in the morning, I do the same procedure.:)

The fuschian withstand some freezing temperatures but I take them indoors at night anyway. It thrives. The first time my fuschia bloom so early.

It’s raining. I shall soon go to the library to study how to fix a kitchen. The hall is mostly made, I took away the old damage wallpaper and painted the walls. I have to paint it one more time but with a better quality color. But it’s start to look nice.

Moon, light and tunnel


A picture I took of the moon when it was 99% full . I like to look up at the sky and rest me from this world.

I’m not often online and updating but it Is that I do not have time or energy . I’m barely on Facebook either.

Time flies . I’ve been working nights and trying to catch up on sleep a few hours a day , When I am awake I am busy at home . The garden must be prepared for spring , plants to be moved from one place to another, vegetable seeds to be planted , etc. But the garden work , I look more like a relaxation than work. . Meanwhile , I’m doing my seeds , I think and plan how to get on with other things .

The house is in a deplorable condition and I try to study and read me to how to renovating a kitchen , the bathroom and toilet , and how to restore a leaky roof. Several years of waiting and promises learned me to do everything by my self. I have no one I can ask for advice so just to learn the joinery mysteries . I can not afford to hire someone to do everything , it costs too much and I need to keep down all cost. Although I am at the end of the tunnel and things have turned for the better thanks to these works nights , but still a bit further to go in that famous tunnel .
But it ‘s important not to give up and I’m getting very good at finding alternative solutions .

So time for the internet? No , I have not . Not even time to paint . I want to paint so many pictures that i see and That comes to me in dreams , but with what time should i paint ….?

By the way. I will not travel to the gallery in Vienna . I must be realistik and I have to prioritize .. I may be grateful That my art is in place . Always some who will be happy that I can not…..what is my dream worth…a lot…:) one day I will reach my dreams but first I have a lot to do.

This video is great. Talk about great solutions!

Cocktail for deer

Early yesterday morning, when I came home from work, I saw that I had been visited by Bambi. I love Bambi, I think deer are so cute. But I do not want my tulips gets its food. My garden is not a luxury restaurant with five stars.
So today when I woke up I turned me into a witch and made several deer cocktails.

I filled a bucket with water.


Then I took out some plastic bottles, blood meal, oil and ammonia. A funnel, a needle, and so I started making my witch broth.

A witch always has a cat, right? My cat Became curious about what I was doing and wanted to See that I made the right brew .. 🙂
I mixed blood meal, ammonia. oil and water in a mixture that smelled very bad. (Note that if you want to make this WITCH BROTH? Do it outdoors! )

I poured the mixture into some (perforated) plastic bottles.
Filled cocktail bottles.
(Perforate the bottles after you have filled it.) If you don’t have plastic bottles, well dipping strips of fabric or floral foam into the brew and attach it in pegs. Why I have the brew in plastic bottles is because if it’srain I don´t need to dip the floral foam into the brew again.)


Dig down half the bottle where your tulips is, make sure that the perforations are above ground. The transparent bottles becomes a discreet protection. The smell of blood meal signals to the deer that there is danger here. Hopefully they do not go into your restaurant, I mean, garden,. 🙂

This Mixturen is quite effective. It is important that you do the protection before the tulips buds.

Mix ½ kg blood meal in 5 gallons of water and amplification mixture with 2 cups ammonia

Good Luck!

Seedbed and crocuses




Today I continued with my gardening. I cut off old branches and cleaned up the old leaves. Then I took three hour sleep break, when I woke up I planted four different kinds of seeds in the seedbed I made yesterday. After I covered the bed to protect the seeds from hungry birds. 🙂

When the crocuses have bloomed over, I’ll take care of the soil and remove ground elder even from there .. What a job ….by the way I do need to use another camera, those gardening photos are not good at all.

Now time to rest a bit before the night begins.

Bishop’s weeds



I would love to have a conversation with the monks who brought the ground elder (bishop’s weeds) to the country. It took me almost all day to remove the ground elder roots. . I will have pain throughout the body tomorrow. Aj.

From wikipedia
Aegopodium podagraria L. commonly called ground elder, herb gerard, bishop’s weed, goutweed, and snow-in-the-mountain, is a perennial plant in the carrot family (Apiaceae) that grows in shady places. The name “ground elder” comes from the superficial similarity of its leaves and flowers to those of elder (Sambucus), which is unrelated. It is the type species of the genus Aegopodium. This species is native to Eurasia, and has been introduced around the world as an ornamental plant, where it occasionally poses an ecological threat as an invasive exotic plant.

Gardening in the sun








This is what I have done today. Sowed some seeds from past year’s harvest and so I ended a few flowerbeds and when my seeds germinate it should planted out in these flowerbeds .

I moved a self-seeding shrub whose interior was golden yellow. I’m trying to remember the name of the bush. Its leaves are burgundy and it is thorny, I think the birds which sowed the bush for me.

It was absolutely fantastic weather, warm and even if it blew, it was not cold winds.

I like to invite birds and other wildlife into my garden. They bring gifts, such as shrubs and flowers. 🙂 A small bath tub, like a sun on the ground, fitted perfectly for tadpoles. . The bird box above the bathtub I did last winter when the snow fell.

Cassandra;s secret

aCassandras secret

To all women out there, have a peaceful international women’s day 2014.

Cassandra;s secret.
Mixed media.
By Margareth Osju
When I create this illustration I had Cassandra in mind. Who was Cassandra? From Wikipedia.

In Greek mythology, Cassandra (Greek Κασσάνδρα, also Κασάνδρα; ),[1] also known as Alexandra or Kassandra, was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. Her name means ‘she who entangles men’ in Greek. She had the power of prophecy and the curse of never being believed. A common version of her story is that Apollo gave her the power of prophecy to seduce her, and then cursed her when he failed. In an alternate version, she fell asleep in a temple, and snakes licked (or whispered in) her ears so that she was able to hear the future (this is a recurring theme in Greek mythology, though sometimes it brings an ability to understand the language of animals rather than an ability to know the future).[2] When Cassandra refused Apollo’s attempted seduction, he gave her the curse of never being believed.

Gardening is the answer.






The reason I don’t update my blog often those days. Well….
This is what I did today because I was free from job. It was perfect spring weather for replantings and to set up the some flowerbeds. Tomorrow I’ll continue. On Sunday I’m working so I want to get prepared mostly by then.
I have pain in my whole body but I think that when the flowers are blooming, it’s worth the price.
I have many flowers seeds and herbs seeds and vegetable seeds to be sown as well. When spring comes, time goes fast.
Now time for me to rest. I feels a little bit tired of all fresh air and gardening work.

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