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February 2014

Spring Art Exhibition


By the way, here comes the latest news. I am glad to tell that I am one of the artist, selected to be one of the participants at the Spring Show in Vienna at Gallery M with start tomorrow, February 25, and run till 30 May.

Still I don’t know if I can manage to travel to Vienna to be on the reception on the 6th of April. It’s depends of how much I receive in salary in March. I would love to be there, meet the other participants artists but also visiting Vienna. Well, let see what’s happen. I am very happy that my art is on place..:)

The culprit


I’ve always wondered why the bird house always lean at one side, but today I got the explanation. My cat is the culprit. He should be frustrated for not find nothing else then seeds in the house.

It’s hard to believe that we are at the end of February. This weekend I spent mostly of my time in the garden, spring is in the air, it was 8 + C. It felt so good to be out in the mild air. After several working nights , I felt like a zombie , but the fresh air made ​​me human again.

I want to do as much as I can so that I have time to paint later. I have not had time to create, the sketches are waiting for me but I have to take one thing at a time. If the weather continues like this nicely , well it should take me a week to prepared the garden for spring.

And now that I have a job schedule to follow, I can plan my time so much better. I hope I get to continue after the end of March.



I have not written blog in a long time but I have not had the time. I have worked a lot those weeks. And I got very good news. I have a job until the end of March. This means that on Tuesday I will cancel my self from Employment Service. Happiness!

Spring has come early to Sweden. Today was my day off and I spent my time preparing a part of the herbgarden, When I finished with it, I took out the bird house that I have painted over and so I arranged two birdbaths to my bird friends. It was such a nice weather.


The other day, I made the first so-prepared bed. Here I planted kohlrabi, turnip, carrots and rutabagas.
My cat kept his eyes on me and I guess he became tired of my gardening. . What a style he had to sleep, hm?

The blushed sky.


The other night the sky blushed before bedtime.

Arts, flower and colours



I use natural colors when I paint my surreal world. Which, for the most part, perfectly suited to the flowers that bloom in my real world.:)

Cat, the spy Nr One




My cat must have been an agent /spy in its former life. What I do so, he is there. On the ground, in the corner, in the air.
Here he was very curious to see what I do inside the greenhouse.


Survival pot fridge

What a smart idea!

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