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Art exhibition

There has been much that has happened since the last update. There has been a lot of water that has flowed under the bridges. But lets return to the art. ūüôā

On June 6th, on Sweden’s national day, I will participate, along with several other talented artists and photographers, at an exhibition in the beautiful Havremagasinet here in Karlsborg.

Curated by Photographer Hans Sjöberg.

The particiapants :

Anna Bergström, keramiker
Arbetar både med drejskiva och för hand. Lägger stor vikt vid bränningen där hennes skulpturer får sitt slutliga uttryck.

‚ÄčAnnetje Van Der Sluis, konstn√§r
Färgstark och intuitiv konst, oftast i större format. Skapar främst i olja och akryl.
Jeanette Håkansson, glaskonstnär
Arbetar med planglas b√•de i konst ‚Äď och bruksform. Med fusingteknik sm√§lter hon samman glaset med olika inf√§rgningar och metaller.

Linnea Lindgren, konst och brukssmide
Smider moderna former med traditionella metoder. Ju mer handsmitt, desto bättre!

Margareth Osju, artist
Poet och konstnär, illustratör och fotograf som arbetar med många olika tekniker och uttrycksformer.

Tina Johansson, konstnär
Målar främst akvarell och hämtar ofta sin inspiration från Tivedens djupa skogar och sjöar med alla sina väsen.

Vivica Bjelkholm, konstnär
M√•lar abstrakta natur ‚Äď och stadsmotiv i akryl och olja. Skapar en stark k√§nsla av n√§rvaro i sina bilder.

Hans Sjöberg, fotograf
Arbetar främst med berättande och lyriskt fotografi, gärna tillsammans med andra uttrycksformer som t ex poesi.

Jörgen Johansson, fotograf.

Söker inspiration och motiv i både natur och stadsmiljöer.

Medlemmar i

Fotoklubben Karlsborg

Following the right path

amI was so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude yesterday that I could not fall asleep. Creative thoughts twisted like carousel in my mind and gratitude rinsed like waves in my heart. Sleep? Well, I managed to sleep a few hours in the morning.

I’m lucky I’m not working tonight. ūüôā

After lunch I’m going up to the to pick up some Advent light for my studio.

‚ÄúYour mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path.‚ÄĚ

Henry Winkler



I got my own studio!

aaI got my own studio! From next year I have my own studio. I feel grateful and touched, I will always be my landlords forever grateful. I can not believe that soon I can start painting again, create again. Oh so I have missed to create

My thoughts are spinning of everything I can do and I’m lucky I’m free from work a few nights so I can land.

I have several illustrations waiting and I have several manuscripts that have been waiting for my attention .  It is my promise for the new year. To give everything that has been waiting for me, to give it time.  . My brushes and colors are currently in the attic, waiting for my next move. Soon I can start paint again in my own studio.

I feels gratetude and happiness for what life have given me in art and….yes…. in patience…. and to not forget,¬† in knowledge.

I was so nearly to give up….

In the list

Another day I went to¬† cut my long hair, it was one of the things I had written in my list of things I should do.¬† In my new life, I’ll go and cut my hair. ūüôā

I know, that sounds crazy, maybe typically female`? But I felt like a new person when I left the hairdresser.

But from one thing to another, a much more important thing in my list. I need a studio.

Today, soon, from one hour from now,
I will go to a meeting   and we shall  talk about the possibly  of hiring a studio.




A new start.



Finally, a new life. A new start. My Life. My freedom.
A few words that can describe a large part of my wishes that have come true.

Now I have moved to my own home and left behind me all the old and I have left behind me more than the house.

I feel grateful. You know, freedom taste a bit salty.

These last two months have been very intense, a huge mix of packing up on days and working at nights. But now, before the end of November 2017, I can sit and rest my soul to the song of the fire.

Did I need to say that I love the little house that I have been lucky enough to rent and move to.?

My new life has begun.

Current Exhibition


I’m very proud to be able to participate with some of my illustrations in New York. I would have loved to be in place as an artist but unfortunately Sweden is so far away from the center of events in USA.

But one day, yes
one day I will be where my arts is.

If you are in New York!  Welcome.

Art For all Season

3-15 June

International Exhibition, arranged by The New York

Connection Gallery


Fine Arts Dealer, Contemporary Art to High End Luxury Art
International Art Promoter/ Art Curator

Gallery M. Euro Asian Worldwide

Have you missed me?


If somebody has missed me and wondered where I have gone as I being so quiet, I just want to say that I have had a lot to do with house sales.

The house I live, where I have taken care of, built up an artist garden, will be sold.

An ambulance, ECG and an worried daughter and cousin make me realize it’s time to let go. To take care of someone’s house alone is too big to bear alone. So, the house is out for sale.

Who wants a garden of roses?

While I have a lot to do here in Sweden, some of my illustrations is in New York from today.

Se my next post ūüôā

Art and Time

Sometimes you have to seize the time and give us time to pursue what is supposed to be instead of rushing blindly but to pause and reflect.
I have taken a few steps back to catch my breath before I go on to the next goal.

Who knows, maybe I’ll withdraw these and other illustrations when the right time comes.


Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.


I am  inspired.  Karlsborgs photoclub, whose theme for yesterdays meeting  was to photograph shoes.
I was not there, unfortunately, ¬†but a picture I took on ¬†shoes today. A little blurry, I have a penchant for the blurry ¬†as a contrasting with all the sharpness. ūüôā

Taken with my mobile camera


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