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March 2015

Street photo of Intense City

Time flies in this intense city. I had intended to update a bit about these days we’ve been here, but we will soon go to the gallery so I show some pictures from Kolkata’s streets.
I love this intensity in both color and warmth.

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Arrival day

Finally at the smiling people’s country. Just a short update. The trip went well, we’re a little tired after 24 hours of travelling. Will return a little later with some pictures and updating. Warm it in Kolkatta. 35+ and we don’t miss the Swedish cold 🙂


Rain in Stockholm.

What a  rough weather it is in Stockholm. I’m sitting here at the BnB cafeteria,, eating breakfast and looking out towards the airport. Rain obstruct the view. It is fortunate that the bus stop a few minutes’ walk away.
I have no hurry, the flight goes late, but I’ll go to the airport and try to find a quiet place to doze off, or sketch something. I brought my sketchbook with me just in case of such waiting time.



I left behind me a cold and windy small town and went to a cold windy capital. The weather has certainly changed character from having been springlike pleasing to the contrary.
But not even the cold winds rubbed away the joy. I also had the good fortune to meet a very nice female friend, a good friend who I have known for several years. It was so fun to meet, talk, laugh together, talk about the past and about the now and about the future.

I booked me on a flight, a BnB, Jumbo Stay. A good and reasonably cheap alternative accommodation at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. It is clean and neat and small. The room I have is for four people , but I am lucky, according to the receptionist. it will be only one more in the room. I like how they recycle an air-plane in this way. Why I booked me here? I prefer to do so, sleep a little longer tomorrow, rest me up, otherwise the trip will be so long.

Some street photos and photos of the Bnb I took with my Iphone.

10474535_873494899383214_5689791654244923359_n (1)



Today begins my journey // articles about the exhibition

Today begins my exciting journey. Despite the restless of  yesterday I slept well. The strong wind rocked me to sleep. The cat crept close to me and its purring made me sleepy.

I have plenty of time I am sitting here  and drinking my  coffee and just read these two articles about the exhibition Individual Expression 2.

It feels so inspiring to participate along with so many skilled and talented artists and have the opportunity to see their artwork and hear the artists’ words about his art




Listen to the wind

There was no gardening for me because it was too cold, the icy wind was not pleasant at all so I stayed inside and decorated for Easter for those who will be here while I am away.
I feel a little restless, sitting here in my bedroom and I can hear the wind whiz off. According to the weather report it will snow tomorrow. I am glad that I decided to travel one day earlier to Stockholm.
I hope I can sleep through the night in peace.
Tomorrow the journey begin.


Latest news // Streetphotos II.

Soon it will be  changed the calm quiet small-town life to a vibrant city life. Kolkata is said to be more hectic than New Delhi.
I remember the meditating man in one of New Delhi’s streets. Despite the hectic traffic, noises, exhaust, passing people, photographing tourists ,  he sat there in the pavement, totally shielded from the chaos, deep inside the meditation. I was totally fascinated. But it’s one of those of many contrasts that makes India so fascinating. One minute you see something that makes your heart melt and the next minute something that gets your heart exploded in pain.

Here are a few streetphotos from New Delhi’s bustling city life.

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Latest news.
We, the  artists participating in Kolkata eInidividual Expression 02 exhibition received an offer to participate in a joint exhibition “Individual Expression 03” in Punjab / India in April.
I agreed to participate, chosed the works, packed it with other works of art that I will take with me to Kolkata.

Last day before departure   I will spend in the garden. It’s a brilliant day.


I think the storm that passed were playing carousel with my thoughts and dreams tonight.
But now the sun shines, there seems to be a beautiful day. One day closer to departure.
Little things left to do; to arrange guestrooms to those who stay here. buy some food for the cat, submit the work report.


Color of Life – International Exhibition


Yesterday I got the last update about the next show.
The next international exhibition will be in Ourense in Spain. 6+10 May. Our dear gallery owner Jackie Mauersberger is really working hard for us artists, members of the Euro Asia Worldwide, of her staff. I hope I can take the flight to Spain, at least to the opening. There is a group of international artists in the show that I would love to meet as well that I would love to meet Jackie.

But one thing at a time, I will write more about this exhibition further in the future. Now I’ll pack the last before the trip to the exhibition in India.
I’m starting to feel very international. 🙂

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