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September 2013

Shine on me, Moonlight

afull moon 092m

A touch of poetry.

Sense of poetry

afull moon 088m

After days of bright colors, time to rest in soft black and white images.

This little statue is from the garden.

A flower made ​​the picture.

(I like to take blurry photos, it’s gives a sense of poetry)

The other side of my artist corner.






So it looks like this, the other side of the room. The paintings are hanging to dry. I was painting to long into the night yesterday.

Do you recognize the big board? It was the artwork that It was failed , as I wrote about it here.

I decided to paint over almost everything. Here above you can see how it looked before.



One thing I learned from it. . Never more that I paint on woven cloth. No work has taken so long time to paint, who have drunk so much color, which has given me so many artistic frustration, as this board. To paint on woven cloth is not my thing!

I dont  think I can do more with this artwork. So I will not paint a single line anymore. I refuse to do it!

It’s enough.

My artist corner



This is what my artist corner looks like. It is the only room that has plastic enough light. What is the disadvantage is that  in the room is cold, particularly during the winter.

Those artworks in the picture is under progress.

Now time to try to go to bed. Luckily I have painkillers at home. I hope I wake up pain-free tomorrow.

Good Night


Art on board



Today, I spent almost all day in my artist’s corner. The lumbago forced me to silence. I don’t went away to visit my daughter either. So I painted in silence. I finished with this one. . Or, I do not know if it is complete or if I should change something or paint over. Though it seems ready so I guess it is ready.

It belongs to the same series that I published on my former blog posts.




The artist mind


Don’t ask. Not sure I can answer what I had in mind when I painted this one.

Sigmund Freud would love to investigate my mind. 🙂


Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.
Sigmund Freud


Pain and happiness in one.


I took in the last Gladiolus and made art of it.

Today I feel happy in soul thanks some positive happenings and that i was able to pay some bills..  The only thing in me is not happy is my body. Lumbago. Ouch. Maybe it was not a good idea to mow the lawn with lumbago. But now the grass is cut. To cut the hedge may be another story another day . I have to take it one day my body is less painful.

Tomorrow I will visit my daughter. She invited me to her. It’s so rare that I meet her but I’m so proud that she is so independent. She is 20 years old and she is so beautiful. My beautiful daughter, the gift I was given.
Sometimes I look back. There is so much I’ve lost but the most important of all, I have those few I  love by my side.

I am grateful.


Artist presentation . An Swedish painter

Auktionen Clownen

His paintings brings tranquility and evokes a dream of harmony and interaction between people.  

There is a joy and togetherness in his pictures that appeal to me very much.

Those of you who follow me know that I usually stop by sometimes and present artists whose works appeal to my artistic soul.

Today I   want to lift up the artist Oscar Ewald , shortly before a joint exhibition in which he is involved in.  So if you find yourself in the area, go and see the show.  The exhibition will be hold in Grava Församlingshem i Skåre, nearly Karlstad.   October 5 between the hours of 10:00 to 17:00.

Oskar Ewald is an autodidact  (self-taught ) artist living outside a small town in  Karlstad in Sweden. He has been an painter since 1970.

Mostly his art is painted  with oil, but he also do  woodcarving and pencil drawing.

I am confident that you will be attracted by his art. He sets out with Lis Löfed and Eva Magnusson .


Oscar Ewald homepage:





Saved from the frost.

Today, early this morning, there has been frost in different parts of the country, I don´t think there was frost here because it’s a little warmer and I live near the lake. But to be on the safe side. I picked in all the dahlias from the garden today in case the frost come tonight.  Dahlias are extremely sensitive to frost.

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