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February 2013

He got the look. Photo B/W

He got the look...

Focus on the turtle’s eyes or the little figure was the question I had before I took the photo.

Angel in focus in black and white

angel in focus mini

angel in focus 2min

I become inspired so I continue.
A little angel nearby of my door sat there in deep thought.

In this picture I put a focus on focus.

Same motive but now using the tripod. B/W


The sunlight was different today and I took the photo using the tripod.
I actually like this one best.

What do you think. Better then this one I took the another day?

Those is taken with a compact camera.
I took some more photos with my systemcamera. Still have not seen how it looks like.

Fifth bird of hundred

Birds 022

Sunshine, shinning sun, I woke with the sunlight on my face.

Yesterday I found some green plants under the snow. In a way, the fifth bird sketch became very suitable for the arrival of spring.:)

It’s a beautiful weather, I’ll drink my coffee and go out in the sun and photograph the white snow that sparkles like millions of diamonds.

Then I’ll take the drawing pad and pencil and sketch a thriving dream of roses and lupins but also so some seeds.

Wish you all a wonderful day.

Black and white. Photo


Yesterday I was testing the sunlight and took this photo in black and white.
Well, I like it, but today I shall try to use a tripod.

I must take advantage of the sun and the snow before it becomes too late. But first it is dancing on the schedule. May be needed after the long winter. It was very long time ago since I dance the souldance.

Tonight the photoclub here in town has a meeting and I intend go to.
Between dancing and evening I have a whole day to catch.
Have a great day.

Fourth bird of hundred

Birds 016

Hmm, seems like 100 days is far ahead.
But, promise is a promise. 100 birds in 100 days.
Will fly free after those days:)

The macabre dance

I am surprised. I start to watch the video and it’s complete catched all my attention. Very well done, great music.

Its quality, it’s artistic quality in the whole video.
I hope you like as much I do.

Music by Daniel Barenboim, Luben Yordanoff & Orchestre de Paris

Female photographer

I saw this photo on National Geographic and googled little to see more photos by the photographer .

Her name is Megan Lorenz,
She is a self-taught professional photographer and she take fantastic photos.

What a photo, eh? The frog prince is a Romeo !


Lana Sutra, colorful way in making love…

Absolutely brilliant and very vivid idea filled with love for love. I knew about the Kama Sutra but Lana Sutra was something new …

None are never to old to learn something new when it’s about art 🙂



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