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July 2013

On my way



I catch the signs I see when I walk with my camera. It is as if these characters show me the way I shall go  because yes,   I’m on my way ….

If you remember? Well, my submissions , to Participate in London // New Artist Fair  // was accepted.  I will be one of the artists in the show!

Last week I got the reply from the gallery.  My next  participation in an joint exhibition will be in London.  6th to 8th September.

I feels very proud but most of all I feel very humble. I am so grateful for the gift I got , the key I got ,  to  open the doors to my  new world.
Grateful,  yes.  More then grateful. May I never forget to feel gratitude for the gifts that is given me.

Still I have a lot of miracles to do, but  yes,  I am on my way now.




Photography ; Liquid poetry


a little  flower in the large bowl created a kind of  liquid  poetry reflecting  in the endless sea

God is a DJ


If you could change something done in your life, what would it be?
This film provides many thought.

If we change anything from the past, what would be the consequences on all levels?
The movie I usually watch occasionally. Actually a masterpiece …

The Moon and the sleep.






Next time I hope I remember to have with me my  system camera and the tripod for better photo of the Moon.

I woke up at four o’clock in the morning and could not sleep.. I  read the article  How the Moon Messes With Your Sleep

I guess I’m influenced by the lunar attraction but  should still try to sleep because I’ll work night.



A different kind of thistle photography



The photo composition  I had in mind became something complete else.

A cat’s desire for attention resulted in a cat image and the second  image is a  result of his game with the thistle I would photograph ….

Thisles in black and white.





Next from the black and white series.  Thistles.

Thistles are grateful objects to photograph, apart from its tags. Ouch.
Today I will photograph them again, but from a different angle and with a different settings. . I want to find the perfect shade of gray that softens the sharp thorns.

The Sunflower in B/W






Inspired of black and white I took my camera for a walk.

First on stage. The sunflower


Photos from the beach.



Yesterday I took a day off even though I got a little guilty because I have so much to do. But it was such beautiful weather and it was warm so I ran away to the beach. I’ve found a place that is secluded from the outside world and where I can sit and paint alone. For paint, I have to, I have not peace to just lie on a beach and do nothing.
Late afternoon, I came back to the house. The garden is starting to look like a jungle. I cut the grass and picked some strawberries. Should clear the garden plot but I was too tired.

Today I went to “my favorite place on the beach” again. Should  sleep because I work night, but it was so beautiful weather.

I feel proud. I managed to fix my freezer that had broken..
Everything breaks down in this house without end. . Oh well, one less thing to fix.
Sitting at work, it’s one in the morning. I’m sleepy, everyone is sleeping. .

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