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December 2015

Happy New Year!

To all of you, around the world, I wish you
a peaceful happy end to the year and an amazing creative 2016.
Thank you for all comments and support during this year.

Let us not forget those who can not celebrate this New Year Eve, because of escape of war or because of other reasons.

Let us hope that peace comes 2016 and people can united with their loved ones.

Happy New year from me to you.


The reader


The Reader near the lake.

The other day I was in Hjo, the neighboring town. I took a walk with my camera. It was a long time since I took these photo walks.

I have given me a promise that next year I will try to resume these photo walks but also painting more focused. This year has been so busy with so much else that I had to do that I have not had time for half of what I would have wanted to do.
But everything has it’s perfect time….


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