Hellebore// Christmas rose

My Hellebores thrive in their new flowerbed. It has never bloomed so much before. . Each plantar is filled with beautiful flowers.
Before, there was nearly the kitchen entrance.. But they bloomed infrequently so I moved on them for two weeks ago, when the soil was enough warm.


Here are some of my seed. You have to be stubborn to do this each early spring. Take them out during day and then take them in at night. As long it’s frozen nights I have to do this. Even when I am back from work in the morning, I do the same procedure.:)

The fuschian withstand some freezing temperatures but I take them indoors at night anyway. It thrives. The first time my fuschia bloom so early.

It’s raining. I shall soon go to the library to study how to fix a kitchen. The hall is mostly made, I took away the old damage wallpaper and painted the walls. I have to paint it one more time but with a better quality color. But it’s start to look nice.