Well, I started with my project. But first I have to show you this video. Fix perfect for my mood.



Well, here I started. Not badly done for someone who is not so good at carpentry and no expert on kitchen renovation. But it certainly looks better than before. It’s talk a lot those days about recycling and reusing things, which appeals to me. I have calculated that to paint the whole kitchen will cost me about 200 swedish croner. Last year, I was fortunate to find several paint cans on a second hand shop for a few crowns. Perfect. I am convinced that these cans were waiting for me. I had paint cleaner at home and I sacrificed one of my paintbrushes. Sandpaper, I had also at home. So just to do it.

Oh, while I was painting I wanted to paint artworks on the doors , dancing people, the moon, the sun, but best to keep it not to artistic and it would cost to much.

I think it will take less then a week to paint the whole kitchen and to put in order as well. Right now it’s a chaos. . If it’s still paint in the cans I might paint the chairs too. The kitchen table, well I hope I find a cheap one on the second hand shop. It do not matter if it’s another colors, I can always fix it. But it’s not priority right now.

When I am finish with the kitchen, the other project is waiting, the bathroom. There it will give me a lot of job and there I shall hire someone to do some parts of it. When I can afford it but I think I can do it during the summer. I count that I got the summer job.

Now I’m going to submit a job application and prepare bills to be paid tomorrow when I get my salary. I am so grateful that I got the job and has work that much. May I never forget to be grateful for what I get.

If it does not rain tomorrow I’m going to finish a bed of vegetables so it is ready when it is time to plant the vegetable seedlings.