It has been a year that I thought I did ¬†only a little bit but when I summarizes the results I’ve done a lot.

There has not been much blogging, actually, I took a long deliberate break from blogging. Sometimes we all need that. Take long pauses when the word runs out.

It has been a year of much work, not so much time for create illustrations, but I’ve had taken the time to paint on canvas. To illustrate in the mixed media I master it very well, but I challenged to learn new way to express.
The new year 2017, I will both paint and illustrate, take it easy I also intend to do. More creativity and less thought and start exhibit a little bit more. I have some ideas I want to complete.

This is a recently started painting, this is the beginning of blogging again.

Today is the last day of the year. An new year shall give birth tonight at midnight.
I wish you all a dignified end of 2016 and a creative and peaceful 2017.

See you then