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February 2015

Individual Expressions 02


The visa has come, preparations have begun to participate at the
International Exhibition, CURATED by PRABHINDER LALL in Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

We are three who travel from Sweden. The Swedish curator Gunilla Löfgren, the poet Elisabeth Björkman who represent her husband Evald Bjorkman and so I. ❤

Je suis humain


There has been a lot of snow here in Sweden and I have had a lot to do during those last days , one of the reason I have not blogged for a while.


The first publication for this year was for IMAGINE Revue d’Art Special, ” Contre la Violence a rue” . //Against violence in the street”//
I feel honored to participate in something so important and to be with so many international artists. The illustration I created specifically for the magazine. IMAGINE Revue d’Art is a great magazine with always interesting articles and arts. I recommend it truly to my readers. IMAGINE Revue d’Art have a very high quality in the content.

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