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August 2013

Photos of the paddlesteamer E Nordevall II





It was pure coincidence that I saw the    paddle-steamer  yesterday. I had stopped the car, walked out to the café and sat there and took a coffee when I saw t   E Nordevall II coming.
The paddlesteamer Eric Nordevall was one of Sweden’s first power-driven ship, built in 1836 to operate on the newly opend Gota canal. The ship sank in lake Vättern 1856.

After the wreck was found in 1980, a project started to build a replica at Forsviks yard.

Eric Nordevall II was launched in 2009 and made its maiden voyage in 2011 to Stockholm where the ship was baptised by the royal princess Victoria.

Jackdaws with personality




With   birds around you, you never feel alone. I felt very  popular when I was standing by the canal and waited for  a ship. (I will post the photos from the ship on my next blogpost) . I like jackdaws  they have such a strong  personality.

He is very cute, don’t you agree?




The red carpet



Between different kind of artistic projects I was doing today. (I woke up with a lot of inspiration)  I created this artwork , as a contrast to what I was creating.  🙂


3 photos.





I never stop to be amazed by the colours of Nature.

Back home  to eat but soon away to continue taking photos 🙂

Poetry, photos and artworks



I need time to find time to write again. I  I’ll bring my notebook to London and write poetry ..

Yesterday I was at the photo club’s first meeting after the summer and I becomes  inspired to photograph a series of images that popped into my mind.

I’m also thinking if I still should  try  to have an exhibition in this city. But the problem is finding a local  and to  find a way to afford  an exhibition.  The risk is that it becomes more minus than plus. Then come the question whether there is interest in what I do. So far there have been a few that have shown curiosity about what I’m doing but on the other hand, I have created most in silence and I have show what I do mostly online.. So maybe an exhibition  is in its place. But it costs. I sometimes wish that I had a sponsor or a well-paid job or could win the lottery.  Well,   first London. Then I’ll see where the wings fly me too..

Now I’m going out and photograph details of the world I live in. Later I shall paint.
Today I shall not do nothing more then just create.

Stormy seas.

I paint my storms.
Slowly but surely some things  are rowing  in the harbor.
I spent last night painting in blue and red while I was making a summary of what do next in those things I need  to put in order.
Today is a beautiful sunny day. I spent mostly of the days with papers and again making summary of a lot.  I guess sometimes I write blog just to have a diary to look back  the day when everything is in order.

The ticket is booked. A new step is taken.

Art: birds and snakes in colours


I’ll be soon ready with this painting. That’s what I’ve done today. Since I did not manage to sleep in the middle of the day so I painted  in the sun. Two working nights left to work. I wish I do not felt so awful tired.
It’s Friday today. The week has gone by so fast that it feels like I’ve lost a few days somewhere between those days.

Art and flowers


I woke up early and started cleaning each room. You know, the autumn cleaning ? I also dropped a bottle of soap on the kitchen floor and was Cinderella for a while. I picked some flowers, Gladiolus and lilies,  that I put in vases. Their  fragrance filled the room.

In the afternoon I  got a call from the job with a question if I can work Friday night.  Each working night help me a lot. Thankful.

It was lucky I got the call too. Looked at my schedule. Ouch, that’s not today I’m free, it’s tomorrow. So now I’m at work and I’m sleepy. BUT I will comfort me when I get home tomorrow morning it will be  to a very clean home with nice fragrance of soap and flowers.

I have to answer some mails I got from some galleries abroad about exhibitions. I am amazed.  But one step at time. First the show in London.

Life is funny, full of surprises-

Is a piece of sketch art?



Since I’m off from work today I’ll create my world in warm bright colours  and later I will goes through some of the many sketches I have about everything between heaven and earth. Like this one. It must be one of the firsts sketches I made . I don’t even remember what I had in mind when I created it. What should I do with all these sketches?

You, artist of the world, what do you do with all your sketches? I need a lifetime to to create everything I want.


Bright sunny day, autumn’s first breath felt in the air.

I’ll also take the time and go for a walk along the lake and catch some frozen moments of time with my camera.

But first, my daily dose of the black poison; the coffee ….

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