A picture I took of the moon when it was 99% full . I like to look up at the sky and rest me from this world.

I’m not often online and updating but it Is that I do not have time or energy . I’m barely on Facebook either.

Time flies . I’ve been working nights and trying to catch up on sleep a few hours a day , When I am awake I am busy at home . The garden must be prepared for spring , plants to be moved from one place to another, vegetable seeds to be planted , etc. But the garden work , I look more like a relaxation than work. . Meanwhile , I’m doing my seeds , I think and plan how to get on with other things .

The house is in a deplorable condition and I try to study and read me to how to renovating a kitchen , the bathroom and toilet , and how to restore a leaky roof. Several years of waiting and promises learned me to do everything by my self. I have no one I can ask for advice so just to learn the joinery mysteries . I can not afford to hire someone to do everything , it costs too much and I need to keep down all cost. Although I am at the end of the tunnel and things have turned for the better thanks to these works nights , but still a bit further to go in that famous tunnel .
But it ‘s important not to give up and I’m getting very good at finding alternative solutions .

So time for the internet? No , I have not . Not even time to paint . I want to paint so many pictures that i see and That comes to me in dreams , but with what time should i paint ….?

By the way. I will not travel to the gallery in Vienna . I must be realistik and I have to prioritize .. I may be grateful That my art is in place . Always some who will be happy that I can not…..what is my dream worth…a lot…:) one day I will reach my dreams but first I have a lot to do.

This video is great. Talk about great solutions!