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June 2013

Heart of the Ocean

Heart of the Ocean

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Margareth Osju, artist

Art in Light


I met Niki when I did blog illustrations, it was at that time I began my career as an illustrator and artist. The year was 2007. This illustration, which adorns the cover here, I created out of a sense of who she was as a person based on her words at Aftonbladet blog. Then I did not know that she was an artist.

see the link, : Bloggvärlden i bild. (

Life is strange. I’m meeting her for the first time in conjunction with an exhibition in 2009, a brief meeting at the train station in Stockholm and it felt like I had known her all my life.

2010 we meeting each other again, in conjunction with the Crown Princess’ wedding. We exhibit togheter at Gallery T in Stockholm. We were in a group called The Beautiful Art Group. The exhibition LOVE.
We who attended was; Me and Niki, Carina Höijer. Vivian Hedberg and Elisabet Malmström.

I made a video of the exhibition you can be seen it here:

Now we meet once again.
Welcome to a joint exhibition with the artist and writer Niki Loong and Margareth Osju, artist and poet.

Gallery. Konsthallen
Köpmanbrinken 2, Gamla Stan. Stockholm.
Opening Friday June 28 at 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m..
Exhibition runs until July 4.

Other hours: Weekdays 12-19. Weekend 12-16.

Niki Loong;’s website:

Margareth Osju;’s website:

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Shadows exist because light exists.

Illustration: In the shadow of the Universe.

In life, we have several optionally.

It’s the choice to give up or the choice to refuse to give up.
Some people choose to refuse to give up and others choose to give up.
Some people let it go and other not. Some people hold the past tight other don’t.
Don’t blame those who made their choises. it’s our universal rightful right to choose.

Some few words says a whole world…



Blog entries in illustrations




I keep on and go through some political illustrations I created over the years. I used to illustrate what the bloggers wrote about Swedish politics. Here are three illustrations created after the political blogger Tindra-Annette Broström words, but I have also illustrate several other bloggers.

The idea is that I will gather some of the illustrations and publish them in a book. This autumn. How I will managed to do that, I see then. I’m thinking if I should contact a publisher who might be interested or maybe give out self-published. Well, the time I have to think and learn time I need to select the illustrations should be in the book number 1. There may be a series of books. I think it will be best because there are so many illustrations and I have a lot of half finished illustrations that I will try to finished during this summer.

Today I take a new step in a new direction. I have six months to realize a dream.

100 birds in 100 days. Nr 100


and then came to the last bird of hundred. This beautiful bird showed up today just when I was painting a bird and wondered if I would be ready in time.

I must thank Ylva Budsjö on G+ as faithful have been published bird after bird during those 100 days.

What will be next? yeah, I’ll see what I can find on that is 100 days out of something.:)

The last day of the show.




It has been a pleasant surprise that as many as 345 people came and visited us during the exhibition days.Its a lot for a little city where I live. Today we took down the show and after we finished with a barbecue together with some of the members from the club. The huge buildning in the background is the exhibition place. It was also the last meeting with Karlsborgs photo club for the season.

Next for me will be the exhibition last week of June. In Stockholm, but there I will exhibit with mixed media and not with photographs. More information about it later.

100 birds in 100 days. Nr 99


Lamp, bird and the blue blue sky.


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