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May 2014

Dance with light

Amazing. Very innovative and beautiful!, perfect synchronization.





Some flowers from my garden. โค

Spring is time



Spring is time for lovers.

The wishing well


Near the wishing well, it has become favorite place to philosophize on. It will be interesting to see how it will look when it’s all surrounded by roses. But even without the roses. I love the primroses sunny glow and the other spring flowers too.

As you can see, I changed the bench. The old I had before had done its work. It was dangerous to sit on it. Wind and weather had left its mark. This bench found my mother at a flea market for a cheap price. I painted it in white. It became like new.


I like details that I can see from different angles. Here is what I see from the bench. nearly the wishing well.

Little by little


It’s great. Everything start to work now. The computer is perfect, the internet connection too. Tomorrow I will connect the printer to it. What I did? I threw out the old computer!

Now is just for me to have the time to start working with it. Mostly of my time those days and nights goes with working at the nursing house, the gardening, repairing what I can in the house, taking time with my mother, and putting some other things in order too. This weekend I am free from work, tomorrow I have to oil the stairs. Still to early to start to paint the windows sills.
What I have to make time too is to paint. And to print the photos I will send for assessment.

And no, I will not travel to the exhibition. I would love to but I made some priorities.

Pasque flowers, life and computers


It has been raining all day so there was no gardening for me today. But the rain is welcome. Necessary.

I spent the day, putting things in order in my life and beyond my life I tried to bring order to my work computer.
Which, when I brought it home, so there was no contact between the screen and the harddisk. Seams more easy to bring order in my life. Oh, computers really give me grey hair. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
So frustrating. Sometimes it feels like everything breaks down.

Well, the pasque flower blossoms and tomorrow I get to continue to bring order to life and computer.
Then I shall start to create again. I really, really, really miss to paint.

To paint is my meditation. My surreal world is my world where I belongs to.
I am sure i am an Alien from another planet or more correct, from one of Saturn moons. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gardening today






I’m starting to see the results of all the garden work. โค
Today I spent hours here, taking away weeds between the stones.. And I managed declare in time too.

Last week


The magnolia blossoms still, this picture I took for several days ago. Last week was a hectic week with minimal sleep and rest. Midweek I picked also my mother who came with the plane. She has not been home in almost two years. An accident, where she was abroad, forced her into stillness and travel ban.
She was alert and active despite 24 hours of traveling and all week she was affected by the time change. When she gets into the right time we have to go through almost two years of paper. Its some things we have to put in order too.

Now, Monday arrived and I have to declare. It is the first time I’m so late with the declaration but I have not had the time. My mother still asleep, I’d better sneak quietly into my world.
It’s a sunny weather but still cold.

The sweet peas lady – Garden Art



I got an idea and from a thought it became action. In my former blog post I wrote about the trellis I had made for my sweet peas from the lilac tree, right? Well, I took away the sweet peas from there because today I created this lady who shall have a sweet peas dress. She is made โ€‹โ€‹of chicken wire. It was not so difficult to create it, first time I use chicken wire and it was fun to create with.

In the other trellis , well I replanted some clematis and I actually think it is the best..

I like my lady. It should look like she is going wandering in her long floral dress through the trellis. Now is to have patience to the day it’s starts to bloom. ๐Ÿ™‚

I need seeds of patience!

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