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March 2013

Colors in the sun. Photo

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WEll, after all day in the sun painting characters, I need sleep.

Tomorrow I will replant chilli, peppers and tomato plants.
The living room is starting to look like a horticultural center.

Sounds of Colors. Illustration

The sun inspired me to create a
Color choke-rhythm, the new songstyle of tones….:)

100 birds in 100 days. Nr 34


Life in the forest. Part 2


The part two of the forest, I managed to finished too.
I was in Tiveden, a enchanted fores, for a few years ago, and it’s the Tiveden trolls that have inspired me two those forest illustrations. . I have to confest: I have a lot of fun while I paint my world .. 🙂

About Tiveden
Tiveden is a Swedish forest, throughout history notorious for its wilderness and dangers; historically a hiding place for outlaws.
Within it, the Tiveden National Park has a designated area of 13.5 km², a comparatively small and arguably the most inaccessible part of the forest. It was established in 1983, and administratively belongs to the municipalities of Karlsborg and Laxå.

The name is very old and disputed. -Ved is cognate to English Wood and the first part of its name, Ti-, either means “god” or refers to the god Tyr. Tiveden separates Närke from Västergötland, and was formerly a frontier between the Geats and the Swedes.
The national park area has never been inhabited, but there are several ancient remains of human activities such as worshipping grounds and sacrificial sites.

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Artwork, Forest and Patience

Life in the forest

I spent all day with the creation of this picture, or rather, to complete the picture.
I think this one is the illustration that has took the most time to make because its so many details in the forest and it was very easy to get lost. I started with it for two – three years ago and have put it aside many times because I gave up or lost the patience with it, but not today.:)

I think it’s ready …. well, almost …

When is an artwork ready?

100 birds in 100 days. Nr 33


today’s bird image fits well with the former post. The birds was also awake early in the morning, on The Easter Eve Day.

View from the window


It feels luxurious to lie in bed and watch the sunrise.
I woke up early, a little too early, but I got a wonderful spectacle show when the sun arose.
Today I will paint all day. .

Sun, violets and dreams. Photos




It is sufficient with just a few violets (pansies) to warm my heart.

The garden inside the house. Photos







This is how my window looks right now. Each window is occupied. I hope the Spring is coming soon so I can start planting out my little plants …

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