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January 2014

Primula Vulgaris


It has stopped snowing, the snow that fell since last shoveling is shoveled away now. I guess when the snow plow drives past at night I have to shovel the snow from the entrance tomorrow. But I’m glad I shoveled so much before. Now it was not so heavy.

Considering all the white, some Primula Vulgaris, which lights up the winter darkness. I like these flowers,it’s lit up my kitchen. I will soon go to bed, feeling that I still have the cold in the body. I will sleep like a baby. Goodnight.

More snow to shovel.


I went out and saw no stairs. There should be a staircase during all this snow. So it was just to go out and shovel again.


But considering how the snow is pouring down, it gets to shovel one more time before I go to bed. But it’s not cold, the wind is not so icy as it was earlier today.


But it was much better to see the snow outside the kitchen window. Well, Soon it’s time to go out again, best to shovel for the third time. I prefer to do it now than to wait until tomorrow and had to shovel twice. It will come more snow during the night.

Dark sky




All of a sudden it became so dark. I looked out and saw that the dark came of all the snow that obscured the view. I get to shovel snow tomorrow too …

I talk to the wind

Steve Hackett – Ian Mcdonald – John Wetton \\ I Talk To The Wind
From album of group King Crimson “In The Court Of The Crimson King” – 1969.

I need to talk to the wind on why it blew all the neighbor’s snow on my way. In fact I think the snow should be left on the other side of the road where no one lives in the empty house.

Well, the snow is now shoveled and the letter is posted.

I met an old day at the supermarket and she asked me if I’ve escaped from the flu. Well, I said. Has anyone been able to do it? I asked her if she escaped from it. No, she replied. I got pneumonia and was sick for over a month.

Pensive, I went from the store. I’ve been lucky that I don’t got the pneumonia. But now I’ll rest a little. That snow shoveling took my strength.

I have to talk to that wind but first I have to feed the birds.

Double bird houses in one




What makes an artist of her time when she has a cold, when she is frustrated with employment agencies and their system and while she wait out the winter? Well, she takes a thermal blanket around her shoulders, she takes on extra thick socks, she drinks herbal teas to cure her self, tea she picked from her own herb garden and so of the time, yes she creates bird houses.

This is the result of her creative time.
The next challenge is to climb high to attach the house but it will have to wait until the snow is gone and spring has arrived. Meanwhile, the bird house may be the ornament on the window frame.

And again, sorry for the quality of the photo.

Friday on tour

I have to shovel the snow that has blown onto the ramp . Not the best thing to do with the cold. But I must , I must leave the work report, so I get my salary next month.

I don’t went to the employment course today either , certainly I woke up without fever , but I’m taking the day to get free from sneezing. And I’ll work all next week, I prioritizes it instead.

I sit here and dont want to go out to shovel so I am thinking about these courses Employment Agency sends me to and I am thinking of the compensation , we the unemployed and those who are in the system’s Phase 2. (I am the slave of phase 2, yes.) I received a letter yesterday. Compensation from 179 days is reduced even more , to 156 kronor day. Had I not had these extra nights that saves me, I wonder what I would have done. Employment Service in Sweden punishes the unemployed and they punished especially those who are in the system’s phases. Those who have been chronically ill who were forced to become healthy from one day to another when the system changed and the Employment service punish if you want to change your situation too. And they don’t help you to get a job, I mean, read this article: where it’s says that Facebook is better then Employment Service. I think the only reason I did not died with all those phases and changes has to do that I am a survivor . SEK 156 days . Thank God that for the phonecall I got yesterday. I am booked for job all next week. .

I received my salary, thank the higher powers that I worked all Christmas season, on elderly housing. Now I have paid the bills, which, if I only had the employment services amazing compensation, it had once again given me even more gray hair and nights without sleep.

SEK 156 per day. Honestly I have a good mind to ask the employment office to draw where the pepper grows.

Stairway to Heaven

Wow, unbelievable, what a show. What a fantastic show. Best comment about the show is this one:

You Know Your “Stairway To Heaven” Cover Is So Good When It Makes Jimmy Page And Robert Plant Cry. “from Lifebuzz”

The cold

I’m cold and it feels like the whole I’m an ice cube. It is snowing and the wind blows. I’m sitting here with a thermal blanket round the shoulders to keep the heat.

Arts and courses

There was much I was planned to do when I got home from the course but I may postpone it to another day. I’m too tired to create illustrations and even less illustrate visions. All I did was of value was to post the package with the works of art to the gallery in Austria.

The morning of the course was interesting because it showed a film about motivation, truths and goals. Certainly much that I already knew but it’s always good to have a refresher . Afternoons are made for job searching and CV writings.. It’s just that I have a routine of job searching at evenings in silence and all I need from documents I might need I have at home . So it felt a little like I sat and did nothing of value and only wasted creative time.
Positive thinking, best to make the best of it . The course leader is friendly and knowledgeable and show genuine interest in her students.

It is early evening and I wonder if I should go to sleep . I can not do anything else. But first I have to email to the gallery and announce that the paintings is posted.

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