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October 2013

Lhasa De Sela – Where do you go


A friend of mine shared such a wonderful music video that I have to publish on my blog.
An amazing singer, Lhasa De Sela,  who unfortunately left the earth too soon.

Where do you go
When your tides get low
In the summer dress
Of your drunkenness

I go far from here
Where the silence sleeps
In the very deeps
Of the holy blue

And I dream of you
And I dream of you
Dream of you
Dream of you

What do you say
When the rotted day
Is around your feet
In the noisy street

And your eyes fall rain
From pain from pain
I say never again
Never again
Never again

Why do you wander
So light though falling
In the underwater calling

I skate like a bird
Drunk on a word
Almost in love
If I only knew

But the best will drive
Through me and you
Me and you
Me and you

Stormy emotions

The weird bird from the orange city

The mad bird from The Orange city. Well, one of my many mad birds illustration. I created it for a while ago and it’s fix perfectly for my mood.

I try to stay awake for a few hours more so I can sleep longer tomorrow because I work night . It’s the hardest thing for me. To sleep the hours I need during day . But I should not complain , I was so glad I got the call . 3 nights in a row. Grateful.

The storm that passed yesterday was not so violent , at least not where I live. Tree, hedge and the neighbors’ house protects well against strong winds. But in some parts of Sweden , it became quite violent with some damages.

How did it go with the doctor’s appointment yesterday? Oh yeah , the doctor told me very clearly that in Sweden , the tick’s bite /  Lyme disease implications is not scientifically proven . No wonder those who can go to Germany to be healed from Lyme disease consequences. I get so tired . So I must find a way to cure myself .  I was reading The history of penicillin.  Well,  may the higher powers to make sure I do not have to put my foot in the clinic more .

So what can I do when a doctor does not take me seriously? I guess I’ll just give up and accept that I have an infection  caused  which are not scientifically proven and that breaks me down. If I knew how to produce penicill I would cure my self from this. .  But it is difficult to meet a doctor that you lose confidence after a few minutes. I tried to explain,  but I was tired, had slept three hours since I had worked night and got mad at myself for letting me in tears of hopelessness.

When Lyme Disease Lasts and Lasts

” Chronic Lyme disease is a highly controversial catch-all term for a host of long-lasting symptoms That May or May not stem from prior infection with the bacterium That causes acute Lyme disease . Often misdiagnosed and mistreated , chronic Lyme disease leaves thou sands of people Physically and mentally debilitated and without a medically Established recourse . ” 




I love the song and yes, I do love the movie.

Still in bloom…


Still in bloom, despite rain, high winds and even more rain. The name of the rose is Romanze,
I felt the extra hours that became when the summer time disappeared. I was so tired when I got home this morning that I could not sleep because I was tired, and when I finally fell asleep, I woke up on and off. Right now its feel lethargic in thought but I hope coffee helps me to wake up.
Tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor and I do not forget that I have to change the tires on the car.
Well, best to start to prepare me for job.

On the news.:  Hard storm from UK  is coming to Sweden.

Who I am?


The little girl holding her little brother’s hand is me.  Sao Paulo – Brazil.


Here I was 17 years old. Stockholm. Sweden

Today I am working on the album about who I am behind the art.
So I looked up some photos from my childhood until today.
You can see more photos here.

Review about my art and photos of artworks


Fantasy is my first painted artwork in canvas. I made it 2010


An review about my art  In Artesomos, Revista Digital de arte y actualidad.
Número 2. 2011

Yesterday I spent the day sketching a drawing, but also working with my official page on facebook. I have the album with my cv almost ready and started with the album with pictures of painted works. It takes time to make such album but I took it easy. The weakness that followed the flu has not left me.

I got a call, I will be working Saturday and Sunday.

CV online



Yes, that’s me 1984 🙂

CV on facebook, CV in one album, the question is; can we use Facebook as a CV platform?

Sure you can, if you as an artist  and has your own page. My page is: Artist Margareth Osju Official Site.

That’s what I’ve done almost all day. Tried to do a CV in pictures of what I’ve done. It’s when I look back that I see how much _I have done in recent years, both in poetry and art.

I still have a lot to do with the CV album, but I’m on track. If you like my page, please Like It too. 🙂

Sunlight and frost



When the sun meets the cold, the ice melts.

This photo I took last year.

I’m sitting here listening to classic music and thinking of an illustration.
But the illustration is not from my imaginative world with their strange figures, it is about human rights. I tend to do that sometimes, illustrate what’s happen in the world. Sometimes I take break from it and then I paint my world of peace and harmony and all are of equal value and no war, greed, lust for power exist…… my imaginative world …. is a utopia.


Autumn romance. Competition


This is very nice to read:

Animal /Bird Winning Photo for AUTUMN GLORY is Artist Margareth Osju.



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