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January 2017

The red against the icy cold

The Swedish winter came yesterday to where I live with a temperature below minus -10 Celsius. Beautiful formations of ice met me early in the morning. The red against the icy cold, fire and ice. I tested different angles and settings to capture the beauty.

These images were also the last shooting with my old iPhone, a miracle that it worked to take photos with it because it is broken. Today’s technology wonders has undeniably short life.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail also with my new mobile. It will be exciting to test its camera .

Well, maybe that’s what I needs to so that I resume shooting again. 2016 is the year I took less pictures of at least several years. My system camera, last time I used it was when I was at the workshop in Greece early last year.  Yes, might is the time to start with photo again..

From Spring to Autumn



Today it was a little colder than yesterday. It looked almost as if nature shifted, from on day to another, from Spring to Autumn. Still, it feels odd to shoot with my Iphone.

When the winter darkness came, I spent the rest of the day taking down the Christmas Season.

Time is out of joint


It was with a strange feeling to take a walk today. It felt like it was Spring in the air, far from Winter.

Time is out of joint, one can write like this in English? Google translate wrote yes.:)

In this up side down inverted weather, back from the walk, I took the change to make some gardening.

Later in the evening I spent one hour painting.

It was a tranquil and relaxing  way to celebrate the first day of the new year.



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