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December 2013

Happy New Year

I want to wish you all a good end of the year 2013 and a prosperous and joyous 2014.

Merry Christmas to you

I wish all my followers a wonderful and peaceful Christmas!

Autumn in winter.



It feels more like autumn or early spring than soon Christmas Eve. For me, it do not matter because I’m working all the holiday season, but it had brightened up the dark winter with little snow. There were no people walking nearly the lake, most people are probably busy with Christmas chores. I surfed around on Facebook, even there it is desolate as these pictures.

On Christmas Eve, I will see my daughter and her fiance, they have invited me for lunch. I will stay a very short time. First I will be tired as I work tomorrow night and I will need to sleep some hours before the next night shift start.

Now best to sleep. it’s getting late. . Tomorrow I’ll tempt fate and go into town to buy some Christmas presents. I think if I go early so maybe there are few people in the shops. After the shopping it is for me to just gets home and sleep before the night come. .

Fourth Advent

I guess most are eagerly waiting for the big day.:)
I wish you all a patient’s fourth Advent.

The other side of Sweden

Sparked by the death of an immigrant man, protests in Sweden have spread, turning violent and destructive. The country has long been considered a haven of equality and generous social welfare, but ongoing riots have many examining just how integrated the country is. They’ve also exposed unemployment and discontent among the country’s immigrant youth. Is Sweden’s model of multiculturalism and open borders broken?
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Don’t mess with a Ape

News and art


Some proverb says it all. Love this:)
It says all that is needed.

This week I took it easy. I’ve tried to catch up on sleep several nights’ sleep. It was not that hard, I’ve been so tired so I have barely done slightly. But today late in the afternoon I started to feel a little more human. I do not work until Monday.

I got a nice news yesterday, it really made my day. I , or rather my art, will participate in a joint exhibition. The group show will be held in Vienna at the Euro Asian art center/Gallery M from 20 Feb- end of April 2014
So I’ll select two painted works that will be sent to the gallery after New Year. It feels great and inspirational. It is an honor to be one in the show and it ‘s an honor to be accepted as a member of the Euro Asia Worldwide Group . Do you remember that I wrote about how excited I was over an happening a few weeks ago ? Right. I was asked if I wanted to join the group .

These three days that I’m free I’ll try to update my website. But I will give priority to take it easy

Evacuate Earth

A new End of The Worlds is to come. Evacuate to where?
Why not take the opportunity, before the End, to take care of the Earth? Take care or our brothers and sister, burn all the weapons, love instead of hate……

Vaginal Knitting (The Feed)

Over the past two weeks, over 3.5m people have watched the YouTube clip shot by SBS2 documenting my 28 day performance piece, Casting Off My Womb, at Darwin’s DVAA. The short clip, which SBS2 titled Vaginal Knitting, gives an overview of the work in which I used skeins of wool lodged in my vaginal tunnel to knit a long passage, marking one full menstrual cycle.

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