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September 2014

Autumn symphony.


It’s beautiful with all these flaming colors in harmony with each other. Today I spent a huge part of my day taking care of the garden. It will be nice and warm weather the whole week, best to do it all now before the rainy weather takes over.

Actually, I should take a different camera, my system camera, and go on photo walk, but I have to hand it in for cleaning. Dust in the lens is not fun.

Artist Creates INVISIBLE ‘Art’

Art has many forms of expression and expression. Maybe I’m too old-fashioned but I’d love to see art and not just look against a white wall.
Maybe the visitors’ shadows against the wall is the art ….?

The factory-made reality

The factory made reality.

The factory-made reallity is a work I did 2012 One of the many rebel artwork I have done during those years.. Yes, I have a rebel spirit.:)

I am to sort and catalog all of the artwork I’ve done so far. One day I will have an individual exhibition somewhere in the world.
Why I cataloging and organizing? For me to continue with my website and update the poems with the pictures.

Every day I intend to spend a few hours to the arts. Time to re-prioritize things.

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In the deep/Art


I try to take a few hours each evening to complete all these paintings that have been in a corner, unfinished. Right now I’m painting ” In the deep”
It belongs to a series, I have an ability in painting in the series.
This takes time, there are so many little details. I have a penchant for details too.
Without the details, there is no whole.

Arts and times.


It was a long time ago but I had to prioritize and put away the creative aside for a while.
It struck me this week, when I took out my paints, it was a long time ago, several months ago, I painted. I missed it.
Now, I am back again. Autumn has come, the summer has gone.

Some Updates on upcoming exhibitions.
Mars 2015
Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, India. March 22-29
Group Show ” Art for Peace for a better world ” at Art Cuestion (Gallery) Orense Spain

July 2015
Group Art show Individual Expressions – 02 in Stockholm Sweden

Group Art Show, Tehran, Iran.

November or December
Group Art Exhibit in Bhutan

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