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November 2014

First Sunday in Advent and Art


I want to wish you all a beautiful First Sunday in Advent. May love, warmth and fellowship shine upon you and your dearest one in golden tones.

I want to take the opportunity to tell you a golden news.


My illustration ‘Heart of the Ocean,” will be in digital joint exhibition in Miami. Work from all participants in Art Takes Miami will be on display.

The show is arranged by See Me.

SCOPE Art Miami
910 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Sunday December 7th
10:00am – 11:00am

A photo walk in November



Yesterday I took a drive to search for November frost. I found it in Beatenberg near a beautiful church.
Not that I miss the frost, yesterday was a radiantly beautiful sunny day. + 4C. It’s hard to imagine that next weekend is the first Sunday of Advent. It’s in the air as it is a mix of autumn and spring. When I got home, I packed up my little music box, the little angel playing harp. An antique small figurine that I found at a Red Cross flea market a few years ago.
Vintage MAPSA Swiss Movement Musical Hand Carved/painted Wooden Angel Play Harpa. (music Brahms Wiegenlied).

Today is more like normal November weather. No sun but no rain either. I’ll take a car ride with my camera a little later in the day. And as I finished with the artwork “Tones of Music”, I will continue with the next one in the serial “Sounds of the Universe”. Those artworks is made for my own walls. 🙂 Those paintings are a little bit different from my illustrations and with much more vivid colors but I feel joy to create contrasts.


Painting tones of music

Tones of music

Were inspired and painted tones of music. Still a lot to paint but now is time to let the painting dry. I hope I can continue paint tomorrow.

Rocks and Sun



Yesterdays photo.
No sun today and no photowalk either. I spent my day making preparations for the next weekend.

A sunny day.




Today was such a radiantly beautiful day. After all these gray November days, the sun was welcome.
I put all have to do aside and took a day off.


Poetry in rush is an artwork I made for some years ago. The illustration fix so well to this story of life.

For not long ago I wrote an blog about a woman, who belongs to those who was burned out, do you remember? She asked me to post a blog about her journey. Burned out in a smooth atmosphere
Today I received a mail from her that made me very very happy.

I move she wrote. I’m moving home.
I’m moving back to my country where I belong.

Her mail made me smile. She sounds so happy.
I have to give her a call.
I love, love, love happy ends. ❤

Car, snow and rain

Yesterday I inspected the car and it went through the check. I have to fix two things in the car, but nothing that costs too much. It rained while I was waiting for my turn.

Today it does not rain, and this is not usual in November. The tractor that plows the fields.
I read that this November in Sweden is one of the grayest November for a very long time. Yes, it shows. I miss the sun by day and the moon at night. The moon that always lit up with its beautiful glow. The gray weather makes me longing for light. I even longing for a little white on the ground. . It seems that the US has got all the snow?

Suddenly happy things start to happen

2015 learns to be a very, very, very exciting year for me. That saying to “never give up, match perfectly!
I feel happy. The art became undeniably my life. And the moonlight, my love.
To be an artist is a journey. 🙂

A smile project

I feel a little bit tired today. The lack of sleep after 3 nights work make me feel a little bit dizzy and I basically get nothing done more than to cook an autumn soup. I want to do so much, it’s also so much to be done, but I can not find the energy enough to start with anything. I’m tired but I still will not complain. Always grateful for those working nights.

So I’m sitting here thinking I should catch up the sleep although it’s too early, or if I should try to to keep me awake for not having to wake up in the middle of the night.
Maybe I should continue with an illustration I started for a while ago, an illustration which I call “The Smile”. It’s an illustration for a cause. It’s a beautiful project called “Connecting the World with a Smile. A” smile “project for children hospitals. I got the information on LinkedIn from the CO Director Marek Wysoczynski.

A smile can change.

I like this song.


And I like this movie too

The Kid

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