Early yesterday morning, when I came home from work, I saw that I had been visited by Bambi. I love Bambi, I think deer are so cute. But I do not want my tulips gets its food. My garden is not a luxury restaurant with five stars.
So today when I woke up I turned me into a witch and made several deer cocktails.

I filled a bucket with water.


Then I took out some plastic bottles, blood meal, oil and ammonia. A funnel, a needle, and so I started making my witch broth.

A witch always has a cat, right? My cat Became curious about what I was doing and wanted to See that I made the right brew .. 🙂
I mixed blood meal, ammonia. oil and water in a mixture that smelled very bad. (Note that if you want to make this WITCH BROTH? Do it outdoors! )

I poured the mixture into some (perforated) plastic bottles.
Filled cocktail bottles.
(Perforate the bottles after you have filled it.) If you don’t have plastic bottles, well dipping strips of fabric or floral foam into the brew and attach it in pegs. Why I have the brew in plastic bottles is because if it’srain I don´t need to dip the floral foam into the brew again.)


Dig down half the bottle where your tulips is, make sure that the perforations are above ground. The transparent bottles becomes a discreet protection. The smell of blood meal signals to the deer that there is danger here. Hopefully they do not go into your restaurant, I mean, garden,. 🙂

This Mixturen is quite effective. It is important that you do the protection before the tulips buds.

Mix ½ kg blood meal in 5 gallons of water and amplification mixture with 2 cups ammonia

Good Luck!