I took in the last Gladiolus and made art of it.

Today I feel happy in soul thanks some positive happenings and that i was able to pay some bills..  The only thing in me is not happy is my body. Lumbago. Ouch. Maybe it was not a good idea to mow the lawn with lumbago. But now the grass is cut. To cut the hedge may be another story another day . I have to take it one day my body is less painful.

Tomorrow I will visit my daughter. She invited me to her. It’s so rare that I meet her but I’m so proud that she is so independent. She is 20 years old and she is so beautiful. My beautiful daughter, the gift I was given.
Sometimes I look back. There is so much I’ve lost but the most important of all, I have those few I  love by my side.

I am grateful.