I got an idea for a few nights ago. About birds. I got birds in my nest. Literary and visual.

The coffecup bird
Bird Nr 2.

One day at a joint exhibition, a visitor asked why I had so many birds illustrated on my paintings. I actually had not thought of that birds are the dominant figure in the majority of my work. They can either be litte half hidden or given a prominent role. So, back to my brilliant bird – ide.

100 birds in 100 days. Well, I did 50 birds a night and 50 the next night, and when the final 10 birds were to drawn, I start to see double birds in the loft. Yesterday I painted birds all day instead of doing something more useful.

Me and my ideas ….

I will post these 100 birds in 100 days.

First out is the bird cup bird. Appropriate name because the coffee was what kept me awake when I created these birds…..

Hope you like them, I will post in the order I have them on my table. Numbered but not in order. They differ drastically from what I usually do. These are quick sketches and a few brush strokes.
Follow my blog if you want to see all those 100 birds and if you want to buy one of those illustrations, (postcard size) send me a mail to: Birdsosju@outlook.com

Why birds ? They are symbol for peace.

Flights peaceful. :))