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I got my own studio!

aaI got my own studio! From next year I have my own studio. I feel grateful and touched, I will always be my landlords forever grateful. I can not believe that soon I can start painting again, create again. Oh so I have missed to create

My thoughts are spinning of everything I can do and I’m lucky I’m free from work a few nights so I can land.

I have several illustrations waiting and I have several manuscripts that have been waiting for my attention .  It is my promise for the new year. To give everything that has been waiting for me, to give it time.  . My brushes and colors are currently in the attic, waiting for my next move. Soon I can start paint again in my own studio.

I feels gratetude and happiness for what life have given me in art and….yes…. in patience…. and to not forget,  in knowledge.

I was so nearly to give up….

To paint provides a sense of calm in the present.


It has been a year that I thought I did  only a little bit but when I summarizes the results I’ve done a lot.

There has not been much blogging, actually, I took a long deliberate break from blogging. Sometimes we all need that. Take long pauses when the word runs out.

It has been a year of much work, not so much time for create illustrations, but I’ve had taken the time to paint on canvas. To illustrate in the mixed media I master it very well, but I challenged to learn new way to express.
The new year 2017, I will both paint and illustrate, take it easy I also intend to do. More creativity and less thought and start exhibit a little bit more. I have some ideas I want to complete.

This is a recently started painting, this is the beginning of blogging again.

Today is the last day of the year. An new year shall give birth tonight at midnight.
I wish you all a dignified end of 2016 and a creative and peaceful 2017.

See you then

My first painted artwork


My very first painting on canvas. I think I made it 2009 or maybe it was 2010. I was so happy because I thought it had been lost after a show many years ago. Now this picture is a bit blurry but I’ll take another shot at it when it is at my house.
Not the best painting I’ve done but it is the painting that has taken most time to do and the very first painted painting. I was more used to create illustrations on paper.

Lady with the hat – Artwork


I got some ask of my followers if I only photograph now or if I still create paintings / illustrations.

Answer is yes.:) I need to create to breath life.  Well then, I’ll do a bit of everything. This is the “Art in Progress” a series of twelve, this is number 8. The Lady with the hat.
It’s still some details to fill, will try to finished the artwork this week.
I hope you like it, what it’s your opinion about the work?
I will sent the artwork to an exhibition abroad.

Medium is acrylic painted on paper.

The art of Patience

painting by Patrick Egarter

When I saw the video it felt like having millions of pieces of puzzle in front of me. What a the patience it takes to create such art and the result is amazing.

Painting tones of music

Tones of music

Were inspired and painted tones of music. Still a lot to paint but now is time to let the painting dry. I hope I can continue paint tomorrow.



Today I did a lot after all. Cleaned the car because it was not raining and now I paint the door to the office. Actually, I had thought about painting a artwork, but as you see, I changed my mind. The door’s old paint had flaked off and it was need to scrape, sand and prime. Tomorrow I paint with white finishing coat.
I went for no photo walk, the closest I came was a tour around the garden to photographing roses in November.
I have not had time to upload the images to the computer because the door took such time.

The Man Who Paints with Fingers


There is such incredible talent out there in the world so I will continue to present some of them I can find around the world.
Italian artist Paolo Troilo uses only his fingers to bring to life vivid figurative paintings.

The Elf house


The house of the Elf.

It is four o’clock in the night. Three hours left of the night job. How I long for the bed and sleep. . A co-worker came over to the department I work to help me and she said I looked very tired.
Now it’s tranquil here, everyone is sleeping. To keep myself awake, I write this blog posts.

I like to hide details here and there in the garden. A garden is like a painting, a painting that is constantly alive, that is constantly painted. As life.

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