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I got my own studio!

aaI got my own studio! From next year I have my own studio. I feel grateful and touched, I will always be my landlords forever grateful. I can not believe that soon I can start painting again, create again. Oh so I have missed to create

My thoughts are spinning of everything I can do and I’m lucky I’m free from work a few nights so I can land.

I have several illustrations waiting and I have several manuscripts that have been waiting for my attention .  It is my promise for the new year. To give everything that has been waiting for me, to give it time.  . My brushes and colors are currently in the attic, waiting for my next move. Soon I can start paint again in my own studio.

I feels gratetude and happiness for what life have given me in art and….yes…. in patience…. and to not forget,  in knowledge.

I was so nearly to give up….

In the list

Another day I went to  cut my long hair, it was one of the things I had written in my list of things I should do.  In my new life, I’ll go and cut my hair. 🙂

I know, that sounds crazy, maybe typically female`? But I felt like a new person when I left the hairdresser.

But from one thing to another, a much more important thing in my list. I need a studio.

Today, soon, from one hour from now,
I will go to a meeting   and we shall  talk about the possibly  of hiring a studio.




Have you missed me?


If somebody has missed me and wondered where I have gone as I being so quiet, I just want to say that I have had a lot to do with house sales.

The house I live, where I have taken care of, built up an artist garden, will be sold.

An ambulance, ECG and an worried daughter and cousin make me realize it’s time to let go. To take care of someone’s house alone is too big to bear alone. So, the house is out for sale.

Who wants a garden of roses?

While I have a lot to do here in Sweden, some of my illustrations is in New York from today.

Se my next post 🙂

Art and Time

Sometimes you have to seize the time and give us time to pursue what is supposed to be instead of rushing blindly but to pause and reflect.
I have taken a few steps back to catch my breath before I go on to the next goal.

Who knows, maybe I’ll withdraw these and other illustrations when the right time comes.


Exhibitions and awards

Upcoming exhibition :

Friouato Biennial
Municipalty Palace
29 August – 03 September 2015
Taza – Morocco
Current exhibition

Current International Exhibition
Kala Kendra
10-18 August 2015
Jammu and Kashmir Centre for Creative Arts
Jammu, India

Last exhibition: International Exhibition

Exhibition Halls of International Reorich Memorial Trust (IRMT), Naggar, Kullu
May 26/5-


One of my photos was included in a digital display of images presented at the Exposure Award Reception at the Louvre.

The photography was included in the Black & White Collection
and was presented at a private reception at hosted at:

Musee du Louvre
75058 Paris – France
July 13th, 2015

Lady with the hat – Artwork


I got some ask of my followers if I only photograph now or if I still create paintings / illustrations.

Answer is yes.:) I need to create to breath life.  Well then, I’ll do a bit of everything. This is the “Art in Progress” a series of twelve, this is number 8. The Lady with the hat.
It’s still some details to fill, will try to finished the artwork this week.
I hope you like it, what it’s your opinion about the work?
I will sent the artwork to an exhibition abroad.

Medium is acrylic painted on paper.

Back home

I am back from India three weeks ago, but I am ashamed to say, but I didn’t had time to update my blog. It was much I had to organize and sort, and to take care of when I was back in Sweden. It was an exciting trip, I met interesting people, interesting artists, experienced the Indian climate on several different levels. I feel like “home” in India, land of contrasts. It is also a good way to get the distance and getting a big dose of humility and gratitude that you take home. .
It was not so many days that I was in India. A week in Kolkata and where can I really, really recommend the Hotel Casa Fortuna. It was a very clean and nice hotel with incredibly good service and friendly staff. The hotel also had a vegetarian restaurant with very good food, and it was cheap (in comparison with the Swedish money, very cheap)

I will update with photos from my stay a little at time. I took several pictures from the show (although the images were miserable because I dropped my old camera on the floor, but I was fortunate that I took with me the new camera, an Olympus STYLUS SP 100EE. A little and handy camera , good for streets photo. Gratitude, I am so grateful That, in order to make this trip, I managed to work so many nights that this trip became possible. May I ever forget to be grateful for the goods things that’s happen in life.

Since we were busy with the show and the time was limited, we had not much time to explore the city. But we had time for some visits and I am most happy to visit the Mother Teresa House

I felt such an inner gratitude and became emotional when I stepped into her house that I got tears in my eyes. She, who has always been a model for me, and there I was in her house. There was a photographing ban so I have only these two images.


We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.

Mother Teresa


Latest news // Streetphotos II.

Soon it will be  changed the calm quiet small-town life to a vibrant city life. Kolkata is said to be more hectic than New Delhi.
I remember the meditating man in one of New Delhi’s streets. Despite the hectic traffic, noises, exhaust, passing people, photographing tourists ,  he sat there in the pavement, totally shielded from the chaos, deep inside the meditation. I was totally fascinated. But it’s one of those of many contrasts that makes India so fascinating. One minute you see something that makes your heart melt and the next minute something that gets your heart exploded in pain.

Here are a few streetphotos from New Delhi’s bustling city life.

578961_434689593263749_127259869_n77764_430930743639634_1047749335_o240391_449349421797766_762611042_o703937_441370849262290_1896495258_o77764_430930746972967_444358938_o      615875_430927093639999_472468110_o

Latest news.
We, the  artists participating in Kolkata eInidividual Expression 02 exhibition received an offer to participate in a joint exhibition “Individual Expression 03” in Punjab / India in April.
I agreed to participate, chosed the works, packed it with other works of art that I will take with me to Kolkata.

Last day before departure   I will spend in the garden. It’s a brilliant day.

Individual Expressions 02


The visa has come, preparations have begun to participate at the
International Exhibition, CURATED by PRABHINDER LALL in Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

We are three who travel from Sweden. The Swedish curator Gunilla Löfgren, the poet Elisabeth Björkman who represent her husband Evald Bjorkman and so I. ❤

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