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Time is out of joint


It was with a strange feeling to take a walk today. It felt like it was Spring in the air, far from Winter.

Time is out of joint, one can write like this in English? Google translate wrote yes.:)

In this up side down inverted weather, back from the walk, I took the change to make some gardening.

Later in the evening I spent one hour painting.

It was a tranquil and relaxing  way to celebrate the first day of the new year.



To paint provides a sense of calm in the present.


It has been a year that I thought I did  only a little bit but when I summarizes the results I’ve done a lot.

There has not been much blogging, actually, I took a long deliberate break from blogging. Sometimes we all need that. Take long pauses when the word runs out.

It has been a year of much work, not so much time for create illustrations, but I’ve had taken the time to paint on canvas. To illustrate in the mixed media I master it very well, but I challenged to learn new way to express.
The new year 2017, I will both paint and illustrate, take it easy I also intend to do. More creativity and less thought and start exhibit a little bit more. I have some ideas I want to complete.

This is a recently started painting, this is the beginning of blogging again.

Today is the last day of the year. An new year shall give birth tonight at midnight.
I wish you all a dignified end of 2016 and a creative and peaceful 2017.

See you then

Happy New Year!

To all of you, around the world, I wish you
a peaceful happy end to the year and an amazing creative 2016.
Thank you for all comments and support during this year.

Let us not forget those who can not celebrate this New Year Eve, because of escape of war or because of other reasons.

Let us hope that peace comes 2016 and people can united with their loved ones.

Happy New year from me to you.


The reader


The Reader near the lake.

The other day I was in Hjo, the neighboring town. I took a walk with my camera. It was a long time since I took these photo walks.

I have given me a promise that next year I will try to resume these photo walks but also painting more focused. This year has been so busy with so much else that I had to do that I have not had time for half of what I would have wanted to do.
But everything has it’s perfect time….


Exhibitions November

Some picture from the exhibition at the Galleri Bellange in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition “Por la Paz” will run until 30; November.


Want to see what I do?

Take a tour on my website






Today is also the last day of the Exhibition “Flugt” at the Galleri Gal in Denmark.   By the way, Flugt means Escape in English.

From Sweden to France

Frankrike m

News about Exhibitions and websites

1 INVITACION OK OK liv 1 Invitación okliv

I am pleased to inform you that I am participating in the International exhibition “Por La Paz” at the Ateljé Bellange Galleri in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition is organized by A.D.A.P.I.  (Asociacion de Artistas Plasticos Internacionales /Arte Euroamericano)

I am also participating in the ongoing Nordic exhibition Flugt (Escape) at Gallery Gal in Denmark. The exhibition runs until 22 November.

I think I’m getting ready with my second website at  Wix. It’s /  The arts and photos I had uploaded there is a small part of what I’ve done since I became an artist 2008 – 2015..

It is a complement to my other website where I am publishing my poems in Swedish. The link is is

I hope you like it, give feedback if you like it It would be much appreciated. 🙂

Golden Honorable Mention.


I got a pleasant surprise after the Friouato Biennial n Taza, Morocco. I was one of the ten artist who received a Golden Honorable Mention.

I feel honored. This year has  really been a year of surprises, exhibitions and awards. 


Margareth Osju

Artist / Poet / Photoartist/Illustrator/Amatourphotographer

My name is Margareth Osju and I am an artist. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1962. I came to Sweden as a refugee. from Chile, along with my parents and siblings year 1973.

I am a poet and an autodidact painter/illustrator and between different kind of artistic projects I am illustrating the poems from some manuscripts I have written for some years ago. Mostly of my illustrations, paintings and photos belongs to different poems.

There is a reason why my artworks can differ so drastically from each other but it has with I am a versatile poet. I write not only about life and death and hope and longing, I also write tributes to nature, to life’s journeys, to our inner awakening. And yes, I write for kids too, (still a manuscript) and I illustrate others poets poems too.

Each creation is a poem, a message, a incident , a hidden memory, a naked sense, a look, a piece of history, an ask of hope and somE illustrations are sketches to the unwritten poems. In war and in Freedom, in Peace and Reflections. They are journeys of the past, the present and the redness of the future.

Margareth Osju



Municipalty Palace

29 /8 – 3/9
Taza –

International Exhibition 
Kala Kendra
Jammu and Kashmir Centre for Creative Arts
Jammu, INDIA

10 Kvinnor/10 WOMEN. Swedish Female show.

25/7 – 3/8. Kulturfyren, Stockholm SWEDEN

Individual Expression 3 Swedish/India joint exhibition. Himachal Art Heritage. 22-28 May. Himachal Pradesh. INDIA

Color of Life. International Art Show, (arr by Gallery M,/WIENNA)

6-20 May. Aurense, SPAIN

Individual expression 2 Swedish/India joint exhibition. Birla Academy of Art and Culture. 31/3-5/4 Kolkata, INDIA

Döden/Death. Joint Nordic exhibition. Gallery GAL. 15/2-1/3, DENMARK.



I was one of the ten artist who received a Golden Honorable Mention

Exposure Award,  Black & White Collection
Musee du Louve FRANCE

Sandro Botticelli Prize. Florence 1 Mars. 2015 (Sandro Botticelli Prize awarded to the artist Margareth Osju for the original stylistic search )


IMAGINE Revue d’Art Special, ” Contre la Violence a rue” . //Against violence in the street”// BELGIUM.


Art Collect Iran. International Artshow. 26 – 29 June. -Arr by Gallery M/Wienna (canceled, artworks arrived to wrong destination) IRAN.

International Art show. Gallery M. Wienna 20/2 -30/4 AUSTRIA


The peace project The Whole 9 Gallery, CA, Nov. USA

The peace project L. Arts Buildning, Chelsea Nov. USA

The peace project 29 Pieces. Dallas TX . Oct. USA

The peace project Art Zone 461, San Fransisco . Oct. USA

The peace project Affair of the Arts. Culver City CA. Sept . USA

New Artist Fair, Trumans Breweri ,6 – 8 Sept. London. UK

Art in Light Joint exhibition with the artist/writer Niki Loong 27/6 – 4/7 Konsthallen in Stockholm. SWEDEN.

Strenght and Tranquility Online Gallery. Mars. GERMANY

AmARTi in Barcelona. Ada Art Gallery . Feb. SPAIN


IMAGinE revue d Art Nr 27 “Heine” BELGIUM


Soloshow Galerie Art Eterné Dec. INDIA

Confluence 12 Lalit Kala Academy Oct. New Delhi. INDIA

Art takes Time Square Artist Wanted /June. New York USA

Badhyttutställning Villa Svea . July, Hjo SWEDEN.


De flydde för ett liv. Tendens. Sveriges Radio. P1 SWEDEN


Embraced by the mist. Photobook. SWEDEN


Artist for Freedom Ludwighafen. Mars. GERMANY

Konstrundan i Hjo G:a Fågelås. June. Hjo, SWEDEN

Konstgruppen Yr Galleri Sandsström, May. Tidaholm. SWEDEN


Bosques de espejo Nr 2 ARTESOMOS. SPAIN

Artgroup Love. Joint female exhibtion. Galleri T. Stockhol. SWEDEN

Konstrundan i Hjo G:a Fågelås. June. Hjo, SWEDEN

World Art Foundation. Art District. April. Las Vegas. USA.

Ens og forskellige Gallery Gal. Feb. DENMARK

Artproject 100100 Social dept. Jan. Berlin. GERMANY


Artproject 100100 Stockholms university. Dec Stockholm.SWEDEN

Konstrundan i Hjo G:a Fågelås. May Hjo, SWEDEN

EXPO09. World Art Foundation. (WAF) June. Brea/California. USA


Margareth Osju. Honorable mention for the emerging artist competietion. EXPO08 World Art Foundation. USA


Fight against Human Trafficking. Institute for Social work GERMANY

Inget är omöjligt, AFTONBLADET. SWEDEN


Allmän medicin Nr 1. Illustrations to AN article. SWEDEN

Det skrivna ordets hem. Internationella biblioteket. SWEDEN


Bloggvärlden i bild. AFTONBLADET. SWEDEN

Aftonbladets bloggare bloggar för Burma. AFTONBLADET. SWEDEN


Interview. Internationella bibilotetek. SWEDEN

Det vi nästan säger Antologuie. Recito förlag SWEDEN

Poesicupen VT Antologuie.Förlaget Serum SWEDEN


Nämnare: Sju röster i samspråk, Antologuie SWEDEN

Rapport Nr 5464. Naturvårdsverket. SWEDEN

Inte utan att det känns , Antologuie. Recito förlag SWEDEN

Tidskrift Nr 1. ‘Romantiska förbundet. SWEDEN


Poet of the week , selected by the writer Viveca Lärn. FRANK. Sveriges Radio.P3. SWEDEN


Interwiev. XEXO, Sveriges Radio. SWEDEN

Safe street for children. Naturvårdsverket. SWEDEN

Chattvärlden I fokus. KARLAVAGNEN. Sveriges radio. SWEDEN


Uppbrända dikter och svartvita rosor. Recito förlag 2004 SWEDEN

Hellre en enkel bergskristall än en slipad diamant. Recito förlag. 2004

Poem inifrån. Antologuie Bojamu Kultur 2004 SWEDEN


Plantera kärleksfrö. Kommunalarbetarförbundet. SWEDEN

Hjärtans röst och känsloskri . Antologuie. Recito förlag SWEDEN


Små små korn av sand

Flyktingens klagosång

Kärlekens vågspel


Ingen ser vilken resurs vi utgör. Corren. SWEDEN

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