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I am pleased to inform you that I am participating in the International exhibition “Por La Paz” at the Ateljé Bellange Galleri in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition is organized by A.D.A.P.I.  (Asociacion de Artistas Plasticos Internacionales /Arte Euroamericano)

I am also participating in the ongoing Nordic exhibition Flugt (Escape) at Gallery Gal in Denmark. The exhibition runs until 22 November.

I think I’m getting ready with my second website at  Wix. It’s /www.margarethosju.org/.  The arts and photos I had uploaded there is a small part of what I’ve done since I became an artist 2008 – 2015..

It is a complement to my other website where I am publishing my poems in Swedish. The link is is www.margarethosjuart.com

I hope you like it, give feedback if you like it It would be much appreciated. 🙂