I left behind me a cold and windy small town and went to a cold windy capital. The weather has certainly changed character from having been springlike pleasing to the contrary.
But not even the cold winds rubbed away the joy. I also had the good fortune to meet a very nice female friend, a good friend who I have known for several years. It was so fun to meet, talk, laugh together, talk about the past and about the now and about the future.

I booked me on a flight, a BnB, Jumbo Stay. A good and reasonably cheap alternative accommodation at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. It is clean and neat and small. The room I have is for four people , but I am lucky, according to the receptionist. it will be only one more in the room. I like how they recycle an air-plane in this way. Why I booked me here? I prefer to do so, sleep a little longer tomorrow, rest me up, otherwise the trip will be so long.

Some street photos and photos of the Bnb I took with my Iphone.

10474535_873494899383214_5689791654244923359_n (1)