Soon it will be  changed the calm quiet small-town life to a vibrant city life. Kolkata is said to be more hectic than New Delhi.
I remember the meditating man in one of New Delhi’s streets. Despite the hectic traffic, noises, exhaust, passing people, photographing tourists ,  he sat there in the pavement, totally shielded from the chaos, deep inside the meditation. I was totally fascinated. But it’s one of those of many contrasts that makes India so fascinating. One minute you see something that makes your heart melt and the next minute something that gets your heart exploded in pain.

Here are a few streetphotos from New Delhi’s bustling city life.

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Latest news.
We, the  artists participating in Kolkata eInidividual Expression 02 exhibition received an offer to participate in a joint exhibition “Individual Expression 03” in Punjab / India in April.
I agreed to participate, chosed the works, packed it with other works of art that I will take with me to Kolkata.

Last day before departure   I will spend in the garden. It’s a brilliant day.