I started the day by checking the weather in India. Ah, I leave the freezing temperatures in favor to plus degrees. 35 + C in Kolkata! I’m on my way to India, and in the time of this writing I realize I’m also on my way  to the country where drivers  honk all the time. Tuk tuk drivers, bus driver, car drivers, well, mostly all kind of drivers honk.  It is  such a drastic contrast from the silence in the small village I live in, (Sweden we don’t use horn very often, mostly just in case of emergency.) But it’s hope for silence , not not all Indians are happy in honking . Someone in New Delhi  wants to make a change.

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When I was in New Delhi on my first solo exhibition I had the honour to get to know the owner of  the BnB Chrysalis,  Mr Mony Khubchand. He spoke passionate about his No Horn Movement.  As  my English is limited by the Google translator, well  the  best I can do is to publish an article in which Mr. Mony talk about the movement.  It is a superb article.
(By the way, if you want a superb accommodations during your stay in New Delhi, I really recommend his BnB)

from the magazine Ken,s connect. Jan 2015
Give the Horn a Break.

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