That’s when I see when I posted my last blog post that I realize how fast time goes and how lack of time I had those last weeks for updates.

First, something I’m very proud, humble and pleased about. It is this award I’ve received.
Sandro Botticelli Prize awarded to the artist Margareth Osju for the original stylistic search.

Not bad at all for someone who did not know how to create a few years ago. I found my original way to create while I learned how to create 🙂
This award means a lot to me. It is a recognition for me as an artist but also it gives me a driving force to continue my artistic career.

The joint exhibition in Denmark is over, the next exhibition is India. Yesterday I got the press release and a pdf file about the exhibition catalogue.

The trip is approaching and basically I have almost everything ready. This are some small things that I must do prepared early in the week but all goes as planned.

I am very grateful that I was able to work so many nights that I was able to make this trip and to be able to be in the show and not just sent the artworks. I am also very grateful to be one of the artists who will participate in this exhibition. Do you think that I thank too much? Well, it’s something I hope I never forget to do, to thank and to be humble. I have very much to be thankful for.

I will bring my laptop, my camera and I’ll try to blog about the trip. This are a few lines for today, it’s Saturday and I have a lot to do,I have a lot of mails to answered. Time runs very quickly those days.
I wish you all a nice weekend.