Second fugue From Emily Howell’s From Darkness, Light for two pianos.
“She” can write an infinite amount of new music all day for free, and a blind test showed that people couldn’t tell the difference between her work and the work of human composers. Crazy, right?” (Brad Merrill)
Emily Howell is a computer program created by professor of music David Cope. Emily Howell is an interactive interface that “hears” feedback from listeners, and builds its own musical compositions from a source database, derived from a previous composing program called Experiments in Musical Intelligence (EMI) (from Wikipedia)

An interesting blog by Brad Merrill about Artificial Creativity.
It’s Happening: Robots May Be The Creative Artists Of The Future

It’s no secret that the world is being automated and that millions of people are losing work as a result. With a properly programmed machine, any unskilled laborer can be replaced.
Factory workers, cashiers, drivers — these are all employees at risk of losing their jobs to more efficient workers with silicon chips and no desire for a paycheck. Even some white collar professionals should be worried.
But creative people are safe, aren’t they? No machine or piece of software can emulate the passion of an artist, right?
Wrong, sort of. Human creativity is important, but — sorry guys — the robots are coming for you too.