Here is another series of “My blurry shaky world”
Frankly, I try to avoid photoshop my pictures to be perfect. In my world there is a lot of dust and blemishes, wrinkles and gray tones. Perhaps it is poetic in me being attracted by the pale not corrected world.

I had a conversation with a photographer for a while ago about the sharpness to be or not to be and how an image whose small flaws interfere or if is too much, the sharpness take the edge off the natural. I think none have wrong. A picture beauty is up to the eye of the beholder . I like my blurry non-corrected images even if sometimes I make sharp pictures. Actually, every image, whether it is art or photography, depends on the feeling I have at that moment. I’m an emotional person. The feeling has to be the number one.
I know, I go counter-current, a reactionary, I guess. 🙂