Yesterday I finally finished with this illustration.I will send it abroad tomorrow. (sorry for the bad quality of the photo, to dark when I took the photo)
Remember when I wrote about a beautiful cause, A smile project for kids in hospital ? Summer Smile t’s an illustration for this cause, a project called “Connecting the World with a Smile.

Copied some words about the Smile Project
Marek Wysoczyñski, an initiator of this very unique project has asked us to prepare an identity for his one in a kind collection of ‘smiles & autographs’. He believes that this simple act can have a major positive impact on our everyday life. His enthusiasm seems to be shared by many celebrities such as: Pedro Almodovar, Michael Jackson, Liza Minelli, Andrzej Wajda and Lech Wa³êsa who supported this cause by dedicating their ‘smiles & autographs’.

Our major goal was to show the essence of Marek’s initiative in the simpliest possible way. We hoped to find a solution that would show the whole idea behind that simple emotion in a single emblem, however we knew that drawing nothing but a smile was not an option even if the whole project seems to be strictly based on it. Although it’s not apparent at first, the concept of a helping hand follows, unravelling Marek’s true intentions – behind a simple muscle contraction lies a deeper meaning, a desire to help one another, a desire to lend a helping hand.

You might want do join the cause too and share a smile with us? Contact Marek Wysoczyński The General Manager.