I feel a little bit tired today. The lack of sleep after 3 nights work make me feel a little bit dizzy and I basically get nothing done more than to cook an autumn soup. I want to do so much, it’s also so much to be done, but I can not find the energy enough to start with anything. I’m tired but I still will not complain. Always grateful for those working nights.

So I’m sitting here thinking I should catch up the sleep although it’s too early, or if I should try to to keep me awake for not having to wake up in the middle of the night.
Maybe I should continue with an illustration I started for a while ago, an illustration which I call “The Smile”. It’s an illustration for a cause. It’s a beautiful project called “Connecting the World with a Smile. A” smile “project for children hospitals. I got the information on LinkedIn from the CO Director Marek Wysoczynski.

A smile can change.

I like this song.


And I like this movie too

The Kid