The days get shorter and darker, and a way to light up the fall is to light candles. The light creates a pleasant atmosphere and give off heat in the cold. Every season has its charm.

I worked last night so today I am tired but I went and bought radiators spray so I can paint the radiator in the hall and in the kitchen.. Actually, I had in mind to plant a red hazel I found for half the price when the market garden had a sale but today, well, it blew icy winds and it rained. I bought the tree to plant near the greenhouse. The hot summer taught me a lesson. Inside the greenhouse, without protection, inside there is pure sauna and some of my plants died of dehydration.
And the red hazel should fit well with the Japanese wage. Most of all, I love the artistic in the bent hazel branches.
If it does not rain tomorrow I’ll finish with what must be done in the garden. A small corner still waiting for some allium bulbs that I also bought. Late fall is a good time to find cheap bulbs for a few crowns..

If it rains tomorrow I’ll paint the radiators and will continue repairing and restoration of what I can in the house. The greatest damage, that gets worse every rainy day, I can not fix myself. I have to save up so I can hire a skilled craftsman who does a better job than the one that made the misery. But I try to take one thing at a time.

Yesterday I read something interesting about energies and solar storms in the atmosphere and that we are in Mercury Retrograde. Mercury’s retrograde is October 4th to the 25th. might explains a lot, maybe it’s not the stress and anxiety that makes me have so much pain in the body these days, I respond to the electronic magnetic field.