I would like to show you this video. On why it is so important to stop Ebola quickly. Hans Rosling explain in a very easy way.
There are many who wonder why flights has not stopped in the affected countries. Yes but think. If the route through the flight stopped, people will be moved to other locations, accessible by train or bus, full car? to other countries and from there take the flight. The contagion would spread totally uncontrolled. In the train, in the bus, in the car, in the flight.

I have noticed that there are many, many different rumors, and even to Ebola in itself would be a hoax and I get depressed.
Lack of knowledge creates fear and fear creates panic. I admire all the health professionals around the world from the organisation Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) who travel to the affected countries to stop the spread of Ebola. But also other organizations as The Red Cross, etc.