Today I picked up my new passport at the police station. The European passport is more beautiful than what is seen here, (bad photo with the smartphone.) However, I can not say the same for the picture of me that in it. Awww. I saw frightened. There are few who like their photos on their passport, said the officer.

When I got home I saw that my cat had been injured, perhaps a fight with the neighbor’s cat or with the vole that usually greet. Luckily, I had Ion Silver at home. It is a superb antiseptic ointment that protects against fungal and bacterial attack.

I am sitting here and thinking how I should proceed with something that is giving me to much grey hair. . There is one thing that has not been fixed properly and despite several attempts and appea, the person in question has not completed the work. So I’m thinking how I should proceed. It has gone too far. Maybe is time to stop to always be kind and understanding and scream load?