Here is the result of an image when you spend several hours with trimming hedges and prune shrubs. One gets shaky hands.
It was sheer stubbornness that made that I was working so many hours, but the weather was fine although I was tired after yesterday’s nightly job. I came home half past seven this morning, slept until noon and then out into the garden until darkness began to fall.
Happiness in muscle pain is that I have only 15% of the hedge cutting tomorrow.
My hope is that the garden will be completed on Sunday. I want to get everything finished as fast as I can so I get time to do anything else.
I never have time to dull.

Speaking of other things, I have sold two paintings so yes, my art pays my trip to the exhibition in India. I’ll write more about this later.
Forces of the universe are with me. I am so happy to be able to travel.
Oh well, Now time for bed. Tonight I will sleep deeply.
Wish you a nice Saturday.