The orchid in my kitchen, matches well with the wall I painted in cheerful colors. A break from today’s gray autumn day. Heavy clouds even if the ground glimpses of folded leaves as solar lies in the grass.

Autumn rains. What was a relative small work is constantly increasing in size. I think sometimes of those who promise steadily without keeping their promises, why not say from the begin and spare others from the frustration of waiting. I gave up the hope for long time ago.

I went to the memorial garden the other day, put the last flourishing rose from the garden at the well, and honored my father of 20-year anniversary of his passing. He died shortly after the Estonia went aground.

I need to learn how to break the floors and roofs and replace all that is needed to break out. I read tips from various interior design and renovation sites. I have to take one thing at a time as I work in and in what I manage to save.

Focus on other things while waiting for the works is a good way to balance. I will travel to the exhibition in India next year. Yesterday we booked the guesthouse where we will be in the Holy City, Vanasari. The trip hopefully will partly covered by my own art.

If it stops raining I’ll empty one room and carry out what is in the wall for the next renovation project and after continue with the painting of the kitchen. It takes time to renovate an old run-down house. But most of the day should I put aside to continue to apply for scholarships. Not only bursaries for me but also to a projects scholarship for the group exhibition that will be held in Stockholm next year.