It has been raining all day so there was no gardening for me today. But the rain is welcome. Necessary.

I spent the day, putting things in order in my life and beyond my life I tried to bring order to my work computer.
Which, when I brought it home, so there was no contact between the screen and the harddisk. Seams more easy to bring order in my life. Oh, computers really give me grey hair. 😦
So frustrating. Sometimes it feels like everything breaks down.

Well, the pasque flower blossoms and tomorrow I get to continue to bring order to life and computer.
Then I shall start to create again. I really, really, really miss to paint.

To paint is my meditation. My surreal world is my world where I belongs to.
I am sure i am an Alien from another planet or more correct, from one of Saturn moons. 🙂