Today I basically slept away the whole day. I can not believe that is almost six o clock . In 3 hours , it’s time to go to work.
I was certainly tired.

I had thought sow dahlia seeds but I think I will continue to rest. So I half-lying on my bed and blogs and browsing and searching information about a journey .

My next involvement in an art fair will be in June in Tehran, Iran. I got the information from the gallery yesterday about the event . So exiting. The second art fair for me this year. The exhibition in Vienna is still ongoing. Those event, it’s gave me back the inspiration to start paint again and to not give up. I am so grateful , now i only need time to create and colors and canvas to paint .

I’m thinking how i should make it to travel to Iran.
If I’m in the VIP & Press preview the 25th and the first day of the exhibition , then a day of rest before I go back to Sweden . Uh , it will be tough but I think it ‘s the best alternative. The trip to Iran will take about 11 hours . 3 days hotel . Hm , yes it ‘s the best way . Of course I would love to see the city too but maybe I can travel back one day . I have to be realistic and I really hope I don’t work those days because If I do, I have to take days off for the trip. Still I don’t have the schedule for the summer.

The VISA to Iran takes about five weeks to fix. I have to renew my passport . Best to be there in time . When I get my salary , I begin with the visa and passports . End of May I book the ticket.

This time I will not spend time and energy to seek travel grants and sponsorship from artist grants. It’s always make me so tired. Previously tried has resulted in zero and I realize That it ‘s just throwing away sometime I have not . Best to go my own way . And it’s more abroad the interest of what I create is , not where I live . The classic for artists. You are never a prophet in your own country.

I think it will go , it must go .
Next trip . Iran.
Exiting . 🙂

Now time to start the evening . I will not be as tired as yesterday night , That for sure . At least not so sleepy ….