The time online is less and less, but here are some updates. I have been fortunate to have extended the schedule throughout April too . I am so grateful so I’ve been working quite a lot. It takes time to repair the damage of all these rides when I was unemployed. The best thing I did was to drop out of employment service and go my own way without the slaves chains. Shame on giving up. I have good stubbornness. I am happy with my night job it’s not full time but I can always work extra. . It’s feels good to know that I have work to after summer too, now I can start to plan my life without the nightmare to never know as it was before. Grateful, yes, more then grateful.

Well, . when I am awake so I continue with my projects. The Kitchen…The kitchen project goes forward. It took a little longer because I do not have the right tools but with good stubbornness that’s fine. To have white in the kitchen brightens up my painted picture which I like too. Either way, the kitchen is almost complete. It’s the little details that will be painted. Later on when I can afford it I’ll paint the kitchen doors one more time. . The color was not enough for a new round. I have plans to change the plastic mat that covers the floor. I did some reading on the net that you can paint over a plastic mat, maybe that’s probably the easiest option. BUT the project may be further ahead. What I have to prioritize, however, is a new freezer and refrigerator. The freezer is broken and the refrigerator, well, it is not working well.I am investigating the second hand market to see if I can find something.


The second project. The garden.

When the weather permits, I work in the garden. This year, I make vegetables and flower beds side by side. I
have planted all sorts seeds that have germinated, these plants should be planted as soon as it has become a little warmer. In this bed I planted directly in soil. I really look forward when it’s start to grow. The grille I have over the beds is to keep the cat away so he not dig there. I will take it away later when the plants is big enough.

Spring flowers are blooming. Next blog post I’ll publish some blooming beauties.:)