Between my books fell a magazine at my feet. It brought memories of a time that is so distant from today .. This is me, a article written by my father about beekeeping. I was 9 years old. They always said, the president’s garden. I googled and found the Granja do Torto, and yes, it’s true. It was there. I do not remember much about that time, but I remember, oh, I remember the huge mango trees and how I use to sit under those trees and eat the mangos and how angry my father becomes because I got allergic reaction because of the fruit and I remember the jabuticaba tree, the lemon and orange trees and I remember suddenly how I was like a little monkey up in the trees and I remember, yes I remember suddenly so much from a time that seems be so long ago …

My father and mother.
The cover of the magazine.

About Granja de Torto
The Granja do Torto (Officially the Residência Oficial do Torto) is an official residence maintained by the Presidency of Brazil. It is a property with ranch-style features, located on the outskirts of the capital city of Brasília. It is used mainly as a weekend retreat by the president.

Situated on 90 acres of land, the complex includes an artificial lake and stream, swimming pool, soccer field, multisport arena, helipad and an area of native forest.