Steve Hackett – Ian Mcdonald – John Wetton \\ I Talk To The Wind
From album of group King Crimson “In The Court Of The Crimson King” – 1969.

I need to talk to the wind on why it blew all the neighbor’s snow on my way. In fact I think the snow should be left on the other side of the road where no one lives in the empty house.

Well, the snow is now shoveled and the letter is posted.

I met an old day at the supermarket and she asked me if I’ve escaped from the flu. Well, I said. Has anyone been able to do it? I asked her if she escaped from it. No, she replied. I got pneumonia and was sick for over a month.

Pensive, I went from the store. I’ve been lucky that I don’t got the pneumonia. But now I’ll rest a little. That snow shoveling took my strength.

I have to talk to that wind but first I have to feed the birds.