There was much I was planned to do when I got home from the course but I may postpone it to another day. I’m too tired to create illustrations and even less illustrate visions. All I did was of value was to post the package with the works of art to the gallery in Austria.

The morning of the course was interesting because it showed a film about motivation, truths and goals. Certainly much that I already knew but it’s always good to have a refresher . Afternoons are made for job searching and CV writings.. It’s just that I have a routine of job searching at evenings in silence and all I need from documents I might need I have at home . So it felt a little like I sat and did nothing of value and only wasted creative time.
Positive thinking, best to make the best of it . The course leader is friendly and knowledgeable and show genuine interest in her students.

It is early evening and I wonder if I should go to sleep . I can not do anything else. But first I have to email to the gallery and announce that the paintings is posted.