Inside my sketchbook
My skechbook .

That is a page from inside of one of my sketchbooks. ( I think I’ve shown it before but I can not remember if it was on this blog, or if it was on Facebook) I should open it and complete the illustrations from the book but something else then illustrations occupies my thoughts.
Tomorrow I start on the course as a employment agency sends me to. I was on the information meeting another day. Hence the reason for a lot of thoughts. 6 months. Have mercy God.

I have to make a decision about freedom, to be free from phases before I hang my self before phases 3.

I worked three nights in a row , slept half Saturday. Today I packed the artworks to be exhibited at the gallery in Vienna. It’s important to wrap well to prevent breakage on its way through the world.
I wish I could pack myself in a box and sent me to the world out there too.

I’m tired, overtired , thoughts keep me awake. I am drinking some tea while I write this blogpost. I made a mixture of Rosemary, ‎Mentha , Thyme and Lemon melissa for its healing benefits. It’s an advantages to picking herbs from my own home-grown herb garden. Although my “herb garden” is out in the hall where the herbs are patiently waiting to be planted out. It’s also very cheap, it not cost anything.
Best to try to sleep . I have to get up early tomorrow.
It’s blowing strong winds.